The Church of Rock And Roll by Foxy Shazam

8 August 2019

The Church of Rock And Roll by Foxy Shazam is an innovative twist on classic rock and roll. A wide range of instruments and Eric Nally’s penetrating vocals add zest to the album that makes it different than any other you’ve heard before. This album will have you dancing to the upbeat songs and crooning to the slow melodies.
The Church of Rock And Roll captivates the listeners from the first song. They are instantly struck by “Welcome to The Church of Rock And Roll,” which is a short, but powerful tune that engages the listeners’ curiosity. The odd instruments that wouldn’t usually be found in a rock and roll song, like trumpet and piano, give the song a playful mood. The lines “Your music sucks, including us/ it’s time to clear our name” show the listeners that they will be listening to a whole new sound that is not remotely like other music.

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There are many aspects of The Church of Rock And Roll that appeal to different people. For example, some may come for the empowering songs that make them want to wiggle their bodies. The tracks like “I Like It” and “Last Chance At Love” are what they’re looking for. “I Wanna Be Yours” is a fast- paced song in which Eric Nally sings about unreturned love, but this is not any poppy song about affection. The warbling background voices and the intense guitar that goes along with Eric’s mighty voice bring zeal into this song.
Others may come be drawn to the evocative words that touch their hearts. “Forever Together” is a peaceful melody in which Eric Nally sings about being home and missing his family. Many listeners can relate to “The Streets” because it tells how life can get hard, but you’ve got to keep living it through. The lyrics “I love my life, but it gets hard” show that you have to keep a positive outlook on the world.
The Church of Rock And Roll is sure to captivate your attention. The passion that Foxy Shazam puts into every song makes them even more emotional. So get ready for a spiritual journey through The Church of Rock and Roll.

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