The Clash Of Civilizations Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

The Clash Of Civilizations Essay, Research Paper

The Clash Of Civilizations Essay Research Paper Essay Example

There are many civilisations around the universe. A civilisation is the broadest degree to which a individual belongs and identifies with and must portion something like faith, civilization, linguistic communication, race, etc. with the other people of its same civilisation. On the yesteryear, the privation for district and power enlargement was the chief cause for wars. Then, after the World Wars, political orientations were the chief cause for battle ; Soviet Union- Communism, US- Capitalism. However, the following measure on doing wars, as the writer and many other people believe will be and already is the clang of civilisations. The differences between civilisations are now doing many jobs and in the hereafter will go the chief cause for wars.

The writer considers there are some basic grounds that explain why the clang of civilisations will go the cause for wars in the hereafter. The first ground is faith. There are several types of faiths and each faith has its ain beliefs and strong beliefs and its devotes to them are really positive of what their faith Teachs to them. Because of this, differences between faiths cause a clang between the beliefs of people and as we know, this has provoked many wars during history. What can be expected on the hereafter is a great clang between Western and Confucian-Islamic faith. Another factor is that because of increasing communications, interaction between civilisations occurs more and more and at the clip people are going aware of their great differences. Something I besides consider really of import is the great economic spread between Western and Non-Western states. This is doing Non-Western states to experience someway the necessity to go better than the West and will seek through any agencies to overhaul without occidentalizing in order to go competitory. Besides, this difference is doing bitterness toward the West. Something besides really of import in this job is the trouble to stop cultural differences. For illustration, a state can alter its political orientation and alteration from communism to capitalist economy ; nevertheless, civilization is something that can non be changed. You can non alter people from one faith to another or to alter their races to do them common. This is why ; a clang between civilisations will be the cause for future wars

and will be something really hard to work out.

Something that has been happening and that I hadn t noticed is what the writer calls the kin-country syndrome ; this is, to put civilisation commonalty as a factor to go back street of a state in a war and even to help it in other ways such as economically. A clear illustration of this is the dual criterion that the UN is using. Non-Western states think this organisation is wholly Westernized and use different Torahs to their kin-countries than to other states. For illustration, many claimed that it was non just to use so rough penalty toward Iraq and at the clip being really soft with Israel when disobeying UN declarations.

Today, the West has no competition militarily or economically. The lone state that could develop economically without occidentalizing is Japan. And it is going an illustration for other states to reenforce their roots and beliefs and to contend through different paths to overhaul and go better economically and militarily. However, the West is utilizing IO s, military and economic power, and other agencies to keep their civilisation over the others and to advance more and more their political orientations. However, most of the other civilisations are really steadfast on their beliefs and are seeking to even assist each other in what many believe is the West against the Rest. This is clearly expressed on the military assistance between Islamic and Confucian states. They sell atomic arms to each other and besides trade engineering in order to go a power that could be competitory to the West, but arisen in a really different manner.

Because of this, it may be expected that the following great cold war or even violent war may be between the West and Islamic-Confucian provinces which decidedly will ne’er hold to get western political orientations. Because of all mentioned before, the writer thinks it is impossible the Western thought of making a alone civilisation, but alternatively believes we will hold a great diverseness of civilisations that will go on to do struggles. I think it is truly necessary to happen a manner to populate with each other in a Pacific manner because if non this may take us to a WWIII that would decidedly intend the terminal of humanitarianism.


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