The Cold War Essay Research Paper United

The Cold War Essay, Research Paper

United States and Russian Relationss have ever been up and down. For 50 old ages the United States was locked in a cold war battle with Communist state of the Soviet Union. The American people feared Communism. The U.S. authorities responded by passing millions of dollars on arms specifically for contending a war with the Soviet Union, but of class this ne’er happened. There where many times that tensenesss rose and the two states hit the threshold of war, but political solutions where ever chosen over war. The U.S. was put into millions of dollars worth of debt due to Cold War weaponries race build up. The Soviet Union crumbled in the early 90 & # 8217 ; s into the Russia of today. The eastern European states it controlled took their independency, and Russia converted to a democratic, capitalist state.

In the 1980 & # 8217 ; s Mikhail Gorbachev became General Secretary of the Communist party. One of his first Acts of the Apostless was to develop friendly dialogues with Washington to stop the tensenesss. He started Glasnost and Perestraika, which means openness and Reconstruction. Ronald Reagan, US President from 1981-1989, had an intense misgiving of the Soviet Union. He increased military disbursement to construct up and develop all subdivisions of the military. In 1988 smaller orbiter states broke off from the Soviet Union and became democracies. The United States funded them to assist them acquire their democracies started, because it would be less of a menace to the United States if they were split up. The Soviet Union made itself belly-up after the many old ages of seeking to out-spend the US on military development. Unlike the Soviet Union the US had the economic system to manage such disbursement.

In 1992 the United States saw the great terminal to the cold war when the city manager of Moscow Boris Yeltsin was elected president of free democratic Russia. This was because he stood with the anticommunist protestors in Moscow as the military armored combat vehicles rolled in, and was seen as a hero. He took over when Gorbachev was forced to vacate in late December 1991. Gorbachev was seeking to make it easy as to non floor the state s economic system and authorities, but the people wanted it now. Everyone in the US now thought we could cut down our military disbursement, which will take down our revenue enhancements, use the money for more of import things, such as paying debts, assisting the hapless, and new authorities plans. Peoples in the United States felt that we had won, and we didn Ts have to worry about atomic war any more. But we are non wholly safe ; jobs in the Russian economic system may do it to return to Communism. Although the Cold War is over now, it could return at any possible clip in the hereafter.

In 1992 Bill Clinton was elected President. Since the Cold War he decided that the armed forces could be downsized. This would let the US to spread out its economic system as other states had done without the load of the cold war. Clinton & # 8217 ; s policy on Russia was to give assistance to assist maintain it democratic. But Russia s speedy switch from communism to capitalist economy, as pred

icted, caused jobs. The authorities had no regulations to follow. There was no written papers for the authorities to map from. Who would run the industries and concerns that where antecedently controlled by the authorities. This allowed former high rated functionaries in the former Soviet Union, and foreign investors to take over and run the blue Russian economic system. The United States had to step in and give assistance to Russia and the breaking away democracies in order to maintain them from returning back to communism, and assist to acquire rid of their atomic gear before they where sold to the incorrect states. Russia had fallen from a greatly feared state to a charity instance. When they protested US bombardment of Serbia Clinton hardly gave it a 2nd idea. The Russian military couldn t even halt an rebellion in small Chechnya. The US didn T respect Russia s sentiment on universe personal businesss as it one time did. Russian people are non happy to state the least, but a alteration came but speedy.

Recently Boris Yeltsin, due to his neglecting wellness, stepped down every bit Russia s President. Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, took over the active function of president of Russia. The US is maintaining an oculus on him because he is suggesting some old communist thoughts. Putin, who wants to convey Russia back to its glorification yearss ( a.k.a. communist yearss ) , is basking a 52 % credence evaluation. He got the military to contend harder in Chechnya, to convey some conflict triumphs at that place. Putin has been taking stairss to reconstruct the Soviet Union by doing trades with the Ukraine for increased trade, and utilizing old KGB agents to check down on corruptness in the Russian authorities. Traditionalist other that Putin the Zhirinovski a difficult line Communist, Stalinists party will be running for president of Russia. The US fears a return to Communism, which would likely profit the Russian people, but wreak mayhem on dealingss. In order to halt the spread of atomic arms, and the flow of arms grade Pu the US gave Russia 100 million dollars. This money is to be used to repair its atomic reactors and document the sum Pu they have. The United States was loath to direct this money because some laundered Russian money showed up in some New York Bankss.

When the Soviet Union broke up in the early 90 s people in the US felt that there was nil to fear any longer from Russia. Current dealingss between the United States and Russia have been better than the past 50 old ages, but still strained. Russia no longer wants to borrow money from the US because of political differences, so it has been inquiring other states. If Russia returns to its former communist authorities, dealingss between them and the US may return back to what they where during the cold war. Although if Russia is traveling to conveying back some Communist thoughts to assist stabilise their economic system and authorities, and alleviating some internal force per unit area, dealingss may better. No 1 knows what the hereafter holds so America must wait and make what we can to assist Russia, as it does for many states around the universe.


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