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12 December 2018

My hand finally grasps onto the ledge of the cliff. I feel the cold, hard rock under my hand and the dirt creasing under my fingernails as a bead of sweat trickles down my face into my mouth leaving a salty taste. I remember what my instructor said about looking down and think how stupid it was that he felt the need to mention it. Does he honestly think we’ve never seen a movie and don’t know that? I tighten my grip on the ledge and start to pull myself upwards when suddenly…

Ok, so in actuality that opening paragraph never happened, but I did need something to attract your attention, right? That’s what they told me, “Have a catchy intro if you want the admissions officer to read your essay, otherwise they’ll breeze right by it and place it in the reject pile.” I know reading thousands of success/sob story admissions essays is like watching Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen: dull, boring, and leaving you wondering what Ashton Kutcher is doing on the show (minus, perhaps, the last part). I want to make my essay entertaining to you without forcing you to read the same old story that always seems to appear on your desk:

I’m sitting in traffic for my dad, for what honestly seems as my six year old sister would describe as a “ka-gillion hours”. My dad is sticking up his neck trying to peer and see what the problem seems to be. As we get closer he notices that the accident is on the other side of the highway! He has the same response that everyone has when this happens:
“What, what is going on? Everyone has to stop and watch! Everyone has to – we’re running so late, everyone has to stop and watch! Jeez, why does everyone have to – I wonder what happened?”
On the last line our car comes to an almost complete stop and we observe the accidents trying to piece it together, as if we’re trained professionals. As a spectator to the hilarity that just ensued I quickly pick up my notebook and jot down my dad’s hypocritical behavior. Little did I know this would become a part of one of my funniest jokes in the comedy show I was on my way to perform.
I have been doing comedy for about a year now and even though it may seem simple to make someone laugh it has taught me many lessons that I have applied to laugh. The perseverance to call countless clubs to get onto shows. The determination to reach goals and then once they’ve been accomplished setting new ones. The fear of bombing on stage and even when I do I shrug it off and go on to the next show. And the observational skills I have acquired, seeing things that people see in everyday life and often over look, and then make them into jokes. These are all skills that I have picked up from doing something I love that will make me successful in college and in life.

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