The College Experience

This paper explores what college freshman experience during their first year away from home.

This paper explores the different experiences that students have while living on college campus. The paper discusses the difference in the college experience if you live at home versus living in the dormitories. It discusses such topics as study habits, social interaction, and absorption into the college system.
“A second advantage of living on campus is actually a set of intangibles that enhance the educational impact of college. Dorm life fosters hard work: If a student lives in the dorms with other students, he is far less likely to feel alone or academically abandoned, and as a result, he is less likely to flunk out. College represents a major academic step for most students they coasted through high school and now suddenly they are challenged. A student living at home will not have many places to turn for support while burning the midnight oil studying for an exam, whereas a student living in a dorm can always strike up a conversation with his neighbor or roommate if he feels frustrated.

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That human contact and the awareness that others are working hard and going through the same transition often makes the difference for students.”

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