The Colonizer and the Colonized Essay Sample

9 September 2017

In Albert Memmi’s ( 2003 ) most dumbfounding book entitled ‘The Colonizer and the Colonized’ . the individual who reads it will acquire a clear and graphic image of both the coloniser and the colonized from the point of position of the realist and mythologist. As Part I presents Memmi’s ( 2003 ) position that there are two sorts of colonizers—the 1 who refuses and the 1 who accepts—it appears that Memmi ( 2003 ) is seting the universe into a little cup and assumes that it is made out of java and pick entirely. Of class. there are other signifiers of affair that are available in that cup of java ; yet the author tries to simplify things by uncovering merely the most basic entities that are available—and distinguishable—to his sight. Therefore. the book would look to be really simple to any reader… and this makes it really clear and apprehensible to about any sort of reader.

In Part II. when Memmi ( 2003 ) describes the colonized based on the psychological state of affairss they are more likely to see. I feel that the book is really a psychological reading of his ideas and his province of head. He tries to simplify things in order that he may cognize where he genuinely stands. In his desire to “identify ( his ) topographic point in the society of other men” ( Memmi. 2003. p. 4 ) . he focuses on things that are most common amonghistype of universe colored by both the colonisers and the colonized. He accepts the universe as a topographic point where simply two types of people—colonizers and colonized—form an synergistic relationship that creates ‘colonial mythology’ . ironically. under a topographic point of world.

On the other manus. even though Memmi’s ( 2003 ) words are tapered and really far from the truth ( i. e. . universe is complex ) . there is a side that can be described as boundlessly true. He stated. “The colonial relationship which I had tried to specify chained the coloniser and the colonized into an implacable dependance. molded their several characters and dictated their conduct” ( p. 5 ) . From here it is clear that. out of the relationship that forms between the coloniser and the colonized. dependance is being born and revitalized. He sees ‘dependence’ as being formed and decomposed. while what has been calledcolonial mythologyis being born and so rotten once more. With this. I feel that Memmi ( 2003 ) is right on the track… that dependance starts when esteem starts to happen. particularly on the side of the colonized. This is based on my experience that. as I admire a individual about to the point of being stunned by the things and features that s/he possesses. I tend to depend on the individual. trusting that I would acquire the privileges that this individual is capable of giving me. It is the psychological inclination next to esteem. However. as this esteem turns to hatred—usually because a certain outlook does non stop up to be settled over a span of time—then dependance is being destroyed. and this brings out ferocious indignation on the side of the anticipant.

This is true even when we talk of instruction and the contexts of linguistic communication acquisition. Whatever the societal. cultural. and political context of the scholars. the relationship between the instructors and scholars starts and ends with the word ‘dependence’ . Students depend on instructors. as the former admires the cognition and personality that are shown by instructors. Therefore. pupils find themselves depending on them. believing that they. excessively. will acquire the privileges of holding to pass the twenty-four hours with person whose features are so astonishing and capturing. On the side of the instructors. nevertheless. happening themselves entirely in a category where everyone else is younger or more naive. they experience isolation and ambiguity… merely as Memmi ( 2003 ) interpreted in his text: ““I understand merely excessively good their ( the colonizer’s ) inevitable ambiguity and the resulting isolation ; more serious still. their inability to act” ( p. 11 ) . This ends up the feeling of dependance on the side of the instructors. particularly when pupils are non exactly their friends. or when they have non developed a certain bonding with their pupils. This isolation cuts off the province of being astonishing. which turns esteem to hatred. and so cuts off the dependance of the scholars to the instructors. Therefore. instructors should make full up this strong. undeniable dependance set to them trustfully by the scholars.


Memmi. A. ( 2003 ) .The coloniser and the colonized.London: Earthscan Ltd.

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