The Color Of America Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

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The Color Of America Essay Research Paper
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The Color Of America Essay, Research Paper

The Color of America

Americans have the inclination to do judgements based on visual aspects. A adult male dressed in dirty, lacerate shred walking down the street would be considered hapless and homeless. Womans that dress in tight apparels or short skirts are about immediately categorized as being promiscuous. Unfortunately, stereotypes negatively affect the ability to understand members of a different group or ethnicity, and people are normally immune to alter because of them. Assorted groups of people are stereotyped for many grounds, but none like different cultural groups in this state. America is one large runing pot of civilization, faith, and ethnicities. Because of this, many different thoughts and beliefs struggle and racial favoritism is created. The most common stereotypes are those which are aimed at different cultural or racial groups.

Afro-american stereotypes are the most obvious. Peoples have frequently stereotyped immature black work forces as pack members entirely because of the sort of apparels they wear. The media invariably blasts images of black work forces involved in offense and gang-banging across the six O clock intelligence, but barely of all time the White or Asiatic making the same. If one black adult male is a condemnable, so are the remainder of them. This acquisition places all black males together in a group. Whatever happened to individuality? What is the point of sorting races together? Merely because one black adult male robbed a spirits shop doesn T mean that every other one will excessively. To believe this is nescient and stupid. Every human born in this state has the same rights and freedoms as another. Each individual has a opportunity to do their life into whatever they want it to be, irrespective if they are black, white, violet, or green. Peoples have besides stereotyped African-Americans as the largest cultural group on public aid, which is non true at all. It merely seems that manner because people are nescient to the fact that Whites make up most of the public assistance system. They are besides stereotyped as superior to other races refering athleticss. They can leap higher, run quicker, and have better balance because of their excess musculuss. It may look this manner when we watch athleticss on telecasting, however though it is a stereotype.

White people in America frequently think of themselves as the true signifier of Americans. In Turning up in America, Bonnie Kae Grover states that whites dainty America as if they founded it, mistreating the fact that American Indians were here long before they were ( 377 ) . Possibly this is where racial favoritism originates. The mere fact that one race thinks that it has supremacy over another is adequate to get down a civil war all over once more. Grover argues that excessively much of white civilization is built on stomping out civilization that isn t white, or civilization that isn t white plenty, or even civilization that merely doesn & # 8217 ; t go on to be the right trade name or shadiness of white ( 377 ) . Banishing people because they re non white is a common thing in America. It happens mundane, irrespective of affirmatory action Torahs.

It is genuinely astonishing that one adult male can hold so much choler towards another, merely because of his tegument colour, that he would believe to harm him. Everyday in America, people are killed merely because they are different.

It is every bit pathetic that person should be scared of another merely because he is black. In Cool Like Me, Donnell Alexander explains the behaviour of his white neighbour. During the twenty-four hours, she sees a black adult male ; at dark what she sees in the shadow gliding across her terrace is a nigger ( 367 ) . Alexander s neighbour is clearly afraid of him because he is a black adult male. She thinks that because she is white, and he is black, he poses a menace. Possibly she thinks that he will rob her. Maybe she even thinks that he will kill her. Whatever the ground, she is know aparting against him because he is non white. Alexander says, Black cool is banished to music picture, athleticss channels, and UPN so whites can see us whenever they want without holding us unrecorded right following door in the media mix. Most of the clip, white folks truly don T want to be portion of black cool. They merely like to see the male childs do a gigue every one time in a piece ( 370 ) . In the recent instance affecting the test of O.J. Simpson, many Americans sat in forepart of the telecasting observation to see if the alleged liquidator would be acquitted. Gratuitous to state, many Americans found themsleves taking sides with either the Simpson or Kidman household based on their ain race. Larry Fisher captured this minute in his image The Acquittal of O.J. Simpson ( 373 ) . The image depicts a big group of diverse grownups thirstily watching the consequences of the test together in a little room. Fisher captured their reactions at the minute the determination was read in tribunal. The African-Americans in the image explode with felicity, while the white people look defeated and baffled. This image clearly demonstrates how in state of affairss like this, racial turnout is about guaranteed and people will go on to lodge with their ain sort.

So if there is so much ill will between races, so why do many immature white childs expression to the black civilization for penetration on how to be cool? Young kids in today s society are invariably looking for some role-model or manner to copy. Afro-american civilization has a crisp border to it. Kids of all races are influenced by black manner, music, and athleticss. Alexander argues: Cool is all about seeking to do a dollar out of 15 cents. It s about life on the fringe, plunging for garbages. Essential to chill is being outside looking in ( 368 ) . There is a certain smoothness to the black civilization that has ever existed and ever will. Americans must larn how to appreciate this life style merely as that of Chinese, Spanish, and Indian.

Stereotypes are merchandises of our ain single insufficiencies. They make us experience better about ourselves because we can indicate the finger at a individual, and label non merely him or her, but an full group. Stereotypes seem harmless at first, but overtime they can do serious harm to our society and lead to farther racial favoritism. Because of them, we have become narrow minded and less receptive to people different from us. Pigeonholing a individual, or a group of people, is easier than it is to cognize them. Stereotypes are merely another merchandise of our society, which puts more value on what an single possesses instead than who a individual is. Sadly though, racial favoritism, along with stereotypes, will stay every bit long as different races coexist in America.


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