The Commonwealth Essay Research Paper How did

The Commonwealth Essay, Research Paper

How did traditional industrial location factors influence

The form of industry in the UK?

Traditional industrial location factors were, in the words of Karl Marx: Land, Labour, Capital and Raw stuffs, and these greatly influenced industrial location in the UK up until the 70 s:

Land, mentioning to the site of an industry, was of import when sing where the mills were located: Traditional heavy industry needed ( by and large ) big sums of level land to suit immense furnaces and big machinery. Once a mill was established, it was really hard for it to travel, as, in heavy industry, industrial inactiveness is really high.

Natural stuffs were critical in the location of traditional industry: The coal excavation industry, for illustration, would hold to turn up in a coal-rich country, and the iron/ steel industry in an country where there were huge sedimentations of Fe ore. South Wales was a perfect illustration of an country with both these comfortss, and hence thrived as the premier steel-working part in Europe.

Capital was private investing that came from businessm

nut and enterprisers, but was non a major influence as to where the mill was located.

Labour, mentioning to a work force, was besides indispensable in act uponing an industry s location: Traditional industry was preponderantly heavy industry, which requires a really big work force, so mills were ideally located near to a big labor beginning.

Why has this form changed in the last 30 old ages?

The form has changed in the last 30 old ages because the type of industry has changed from traditional, heavy industry to modern hi-tec, electronics industry. If Karl Marx were to call the factors of production today, he would likely state: Market, skilled labor, Government intercession and conveyance

Land is still of import to a certain degree- the heavy industry that is left in the UK is in the signifier of incorporate mills ( e.g. Port Talbot steel mills ) , which need even more level land than traditional heavy industry to turn up. However, most modern industries are footloose, intending land International Relations and Security Network t a critical factor in their location.

Location near markets is an indispensable factor for modern industry to see when placement

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