The Complex Identity

4 April 2015
A look at how race and ethnicity impact identity.

This essay critically analyzes what it means to be an American. The author attempts to investigate how the way in which we define ourselves within our racial or ethnic categories affects our identities as Americans.
“One’s identity and self esteem is constantly being molded by a number of ongoing factors. Culture a factor of many. A persons cultural upbringing predetermines how that specific person will live his or her life. It also determines how that person will respect other cultures, as well as his own. A complex nation is America, and the opinions of Americans can vary greatly. Mary C. Waters relays the concept of ethnic options, which is a term which means the freedom to choose your ethnicity, based on the specific situation. Waters strongly believes that Americans with European ancestry are at a significantly greater advantage over non-Whites in America. Therefore, according to Waters, the ways in which we define ourselves within our racial and ethnic categories, can compliment or vanish our identities as Americans.”
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