The Concept of Justice

4 April 2015
This paper examines a dialogue between Socrates and Antigone about the concept of justice.

This paper is a creative dialogue between Antigone and Socrates about the ramifications of going against the rulings of the King in order to see justice served. The paper includes the discussion of the actual act that has led to Antigone’s condemnation, the concept of a higher form of justice and an evaluation of whether the punishment fits the crime.
In the end, Socrates left Antigone at the gates of the republic, knowing that he would never see her again she would die for her crimes against the State. But Socrates was inspired by her words and felt that should he ever suffer a similar fate for somehow challenging the State, he would not back down, nor run away, from his duty to virtue, to free speech, and the highest laws of Justice, regardless of the fate that might await him.

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