The Concept of Surface Area of a Cube Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The accomplishments required for finishing the undertaking are mensurating. sawing ( cutting ) . attaching. sleep togethering. picture. A regular hexahedron has 6 faces viz. the 4 side faces. the top and bottom. All the faces are equal in size. We need to do the sides and attach them to do the regular hexahedron. 6 sheets of 3ft. ten 3ft. are required to do the regular hexahedron of size 3ft ten 3ft ten 3ft.

We have 3 sheets of 3ft x 6ft to do the 6 sheets. Each sheet has to be cut into two sheets of 3ft ten 3ft. The sheet has to be cut parallel to the shorter side in the mid of the longer side.

The following occupation is attaching these sides to do the box. Epoxy is applied to the borders of each cut sheet to attach them. First we take two sheets apply epoxy to their borders and put them perpendicular to land and to each other. We can utilize a support ( like a stool or chair ) to maintain them in topographic point. We do the same to two other sheets. We have to let them to dry for 15 proceedingss for the epoxy to settle. These two perpendicular pieces will be the sides of the box. After 15 proceedingss we attach the two perpendicular pieces to organize the side faces of the box. After attaching it should look like the one shown above.

After leting the box to dry we attach the bottom piece and let it to dry. The lone thing left is the top. A latch is screwed to the top piece. We attach a flexible joint ( to the opposite border of the latched border ) associating one of the sides of the top and one of the side faces of the regular hexahedron utilizing prison guard. The box is so painted swimmingly on the outside of the regular hexahedron.

The clip taken to finish the undertaking is the amount of the times taken to each undertaking if done consecutive.

Entire clip = clip taken to do the sheets + clip taken to attach the sheets + clip to attach the latch + clip taken to paint.

No. of cuts made = 3

Time to do one cut = 5 min

Time to do the sheets = 3 x5min = 15min

Time required to dry after using epoxy = 15min

No. of fond regards

= 2 perpendiculars + fond regard of perpendiculars + fond regard of the underside

= 15 + 15 + 15 = 45min

( Both the perpendicularly can be attached at the same time )

Time required to attach the latch and flexible joint = 20min

Entire clip required = 15+45+20 = 80min

The surface country of a regular hexahedron is sum of countries of all the sides. A regular hexahedron has 6 sides. If a regular hexahedron is unfolded it looks like the undermentioned figure.

Clearly there are 6 sides.

Entire country = 6 x country of each face ( in a regular hexahedron the country of each side is same )

Area of each side = length of a side x length of side = 3ft x3ft = 9sq. foot

Entire country = 6 ten 9sq. ft = 54sq. foot

A gallon of pigment covers 150 sq. ft. and costs $ 18. 00. A quart of pigment covers 40 sq. ft. and costs $ 7. 00. We need to cover the whole surface are which is 54sq. ft. One quart can non paint the whole country. We need either two quarts or a gallon of pigment.

Cost of a gallon = $ 18

Cost of two quarts = 2 x $ 7 = $ 14

Two quarts is cheaper than a gallon. So it is economical for the pupils to utilize two quarts instead than a gallon. Two quarts of pigment has to be purchased.

The concluding box looks like the figure below with a latch.

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