The Concepts of Equity in Sport

8 August 2016

Self-confidence?The concepts of equity, access and equality are difficult to define and understand. They present complex issues for discussion and provide individuals and society with significant challenges. (Craig Crossley 2013). Figueroa’s Framework is a framework that the sociology of sport is based on. There are five levels in which this framework is basis. Those levels include: Cultural, Structural, Institutional, Interpersonal and Individual Levels.

The framework developed by Professor Peter Figueroa (Figueroas’s Framework) has been a useful tool in the investigation of issues and ideas surrounding equity, access and equality in exercise, sport and physical activity. Sports equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure it becomes equally accessible to everyone in society. Many social factors directly or indirectly shape opinions and influence an individual’s decision to participate in physical activity, in my case Touch football.

The Concepts of Equity in Sport Essay Example

Touch Football has grown rapidly in Australia after starting in the 1960’s. It is played widely on a social and competitive level. The sport has a great number of positive advantages attached to it, such as being an affordable family sport at a local level, it is played at night under lights, to promote family participation and also allowing participation within other sports over the weekends. The individual level of Figueros’s Framework looks at the individual values and thoughts on Touch Football. It also incorporates your attitude to the sport and how your genes effect your participation in the sport.

This is the first level of Figueroa’s Framework and this level had had the most effect in my participation in Touch Football. By this I mean I have come from a large sporting background and have always been encouraged by my parents to play a Sport. I always wanted to play some sort of football and envied my father who played Australian Rules and my brother who played Rugby League but these were mainly classed as “male”sports. My main influence to play Touch Football was going to High School and realising that girls were

equally encouraged to play as well boys. I class myself as being a fit and athletic person able to play any sport with unlimited energy. I feel very confident when I am playing my best at sport, especially at Touch football, where I can exhibit my best skills, running, throwing and catching. I felt a great achievement being in the top half of the Touch Football class ranking, but also a great sense of responsibility to keep my position. It gave me motivation and I did at times feel it became expected of me to play well every week.

I am a very competitive person, the class draft making me more so and also pushing me to do my best. I do lack confidence at times and do not like to be defeated, especially if I have not played my best. The most important part of playing in a team are communication skills between players and also respect for each other, however I think that I may lack good communication skills at times. To improve my performance and participation in Touch Football, I need to boost my confidence and work on my communication skills.

Listening more in class would help me and also asking for help when I do not understand. I feel my athletic ability is at a good level, but I could improve this by training more and taking the game more seriously. To motivate myself to improve my performance, I should try to be involved in a Touch Football team outside of school and perhaps get some friends together to make a team to play in competition. This is one of my goals and also perhaps coaching a team one day. In conclusion, the Tough Football Draft benefited me more than hindered my performance by pushing me to the best of my ability.

Although I do lose confidence at times when faced with having to better myself, the draft boosted my self-esteem and gave me great motivation to keep my position in the ranking. Being in the top ranking in the class has given me greater confidence and helped me to start thinking about how to improve myself as a player and also in class. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Touch Football and I feel it has changed me for the better, as a person and a player. Ref: Craig Crossley 2013 Little Hampton RFC Australian College of Sports Therapy

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