The Conflicts Of The Black Race Delayed

7 July 2017

The Conflicts Of The Black Race: Delayed Economic And Educational Progress Essay, Research Paper

The Conflicts Of The Black Race Delayed Essay Example

The Conflicts of the Black Race: Delayed Economic and Educational Progress


In the 1960 & # 8217 ; s, inkinesss, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , fought for their civil

rights and equal chances. Although they had merely been out of bondage for

less than a century, they felt the clip was manner past due for them to have the

same intervention as other American citizens. Our people struggled to have

nice instruction plans for their young person for the right to gain a decent life,

and to have regard from other racial groups. Fortunately for our coevals,

their battle ended in triumph. However, 30 old ages subsequently, despite the advancement

made so, our community does non look to hold kept up with our ascendant & # 8217 ; s rate

of self-reformation. Not merely are inkinesss still disrespected by other races,

jobs besides plague us such as poorness, drugs, and miseducation. To do

affairs even worse, we besides have a serious deficiency of integrity. Some of us feel as

though it is non our duty to assist other inkinesss when they are in demand.

Another major job is the being of racism. This negative attitude leads

to many physical and psychological jobs within the black community.

Therefore, deficiency of integrity within the black community and the effects of racism

are two major factors when contribute to the slow advancement of black people.

Before the Civil Rights motion racism was so blazing that non cognizing it

existed would hold been hard. Soon, it is so elusive that some argue

we can non fault racism for our jobs. Unfortunately, they are incorrect. The

effects of racism can be seen in the segregation of our vicinities and in our

high unemployment rates. White people want to maintain their contact with us to a

lower limit. In 1991, USA Today reported that the 1990 nose count & # 8220 ; concluded that & # 8216 ; the

bulk of the state & # 8217 ; s 30 million black people are as segregated now as they

were. . . in the & # 8217 ; 60s & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; ( Smith 104 ) . This proves that although some inkinesss & # 8217 ;

incomes have increased, they do non ever live in vicinities they can afford

because the country is normally predominately white. The U.S. Department of Housing

and Urban Development found that anti-black favoritism was widespread in the

lodging industry in 1992 ( Smith 105 ) . This pattern can be found in the

workplace. Ed Smith, Ph.D. found that & # 8220 ; inkinesss with college grades had a 13

percent unemployment rate in 1987 compared to five per centum for Whites & # 8221 ; ( Smith

112 ) . Many surveies exist that prove that college-educated inkinesss are non much

better off than high-school alumnuss. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

admitted that & # 8220 ; & # 8216 ; deficiency of instruction is non the ground for high minority

unemployment & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; ( Smith 112 ) . The lone account which justifies these figures

is racism. Equally long as anti-black racism exists, inkinesss likely could non

advancement at the same rate as other minority groups. It is a well-known fact that

white people have more control than minorities in this state. They have the

power to deny inkinesss lodging and unemployment. Because of white people & # 8217 ; s

biass, inkinesss have found it hard to travel up on the societal and economic

ladder. Besides, exposure to constant favoritism causes some people to believe

that they are worthless and incapable of wining. In order to get the better of this

obstruction, we have to take control of our ain heads and lives. Until we as a

people become cognizant and get down to rai

se our self-esteem, we will go on to allow

racism be a pestilence to our race. The slow advancement of our race has led many

inkinesss to go pessimistic. They lose their dignity because they believe

that everything is against them. Therefore they give up on seeking to break

themselves and on assisting their fellow brothers and sisters. These ideas are

picked up by young person who grow up believing that there is no manner out of the ghetto.

When immature black work forces are asked why they commit offenses and bead out of school,

they place the incrimination on society. Alternatively of differing with them, more people

demand to seek to understand why they are stating this. A black interior metropolis curate

commented that & # 8220 ; you can & # 8217 ; t be what you ain & # 8217 ; t seen & # 8221 ; ( Smith 101 ) . The lone

professionals that many inner-city young person meet are police officers, Judgess, and

societal workers. Because these meetings are normally the consequence of a negative

event, there is no inducement for the young person to better themselves. Unless older

inkinesss become better function theoretical accounts for our young person, the rhythm of public assistance and

unemployment will go on. Although every black individual is non in this

peculiar state of affairs, the 1s who are will impede the advancement of the whole

race. Racism has many negative effects on inkinesss. The list goes on and on. If

we continue to fall victim to these effects, our advancement will ne’er be to the full

achieved. We, as a people, must take action and start to assist ourselves. If

that means pooling our money together and supplying better schools and more occupations,

so so be it. In order to come on we must make whatever is necessary. Our chief

quandary is non that we are non cognizant of our jobs. It is our inability to

trade with them. Whenever we come up with solutions to the job, we start

kicking about how hard it is, or how much money it is traveling to be.

It is really sad when a individual can pass $ 500 on an outfit, but can non even

contribute $ 100 to assist foster a kid & # 8217 ; s instruction. It is a pathetic sight when

we settle for a occupation that we are overqualified for alternatively of acquiring together

with our fellow brothers and sisters and get downing our ain concern. We need to

halt stating that we & # 8220 ; can & # 8217 ; t & # 8221 ; and get down following Clark Atlanta University & # 8217 ; s

slogan & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; ll happen a manner or do one. & # 8221 ; An illustration is a plan called & # 8220 ; Friends

Helping Friends & # 8221 ; where people put their money together and give it to one individual.

It works in the signifier of a pyramid. There are eight people on the underside, so

four, so two, and so one on top. The individual on top gets the money from the

eight people on the underside. That individual so moves off the top and the pyramid

splits into two and each start all over once more by constructing up the bottom eight

musca volitanss. Equally long as people keep lending everyone will have eight times

the sum that each person puts in. This is an first-class manner to assist

others without holding to set yourself in a hazardous state of affairs. If we could acquire all

vicinities to take part in this plan, we could easy construct our ain

schools and concerns. Merely because our advancement has declined in the past 30

old ages does non intend we have to sit back and delay to hit stone underside. To

carry through the undertaking of taking control of ourselves, we have to work together as

one. If we continue seeking to work entirely, we will ne’er make our ends. Yet

if we work as a brotherhood, we can suppress our failures and go on to travel upward

and forward.


Smith, Ed. Not Yet Over the Hump. Fairbank, Alaska: JAED, 1994.

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