The Consanguinity of Witchcraft and Macbeth

4 April 2015
This paper examines how Shakespeare’s Macbeth influenced evil in the time of King James I.

This paper discusses the supernatural aspects in Macbeth and compares Shakespeare’s play with the times it was written: during the reign of King James I and the Salem witch trials in colonial America. The author examines how witchcraft in Shakespeare’s time period influenced his writing dramatically and changed the lives of many people.
William Shakespeare wrote the famous tragedy of Macbeth for King James I. At the time of his reign King James I was very interested in Witches and their magic. In America at this time the Salem witchcraft trials were also going on and people were being charged and even executed for it. Concluding from the information of the Salem witch trials, witches in Shakespeare’s time played a key role in much of the evil of the world.
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