The Consumer Rights Act 2015

1 January 2018

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 incorporates the Supply Of Goods and Services Act and Unfair Terms Act 1999. The Supply of Goods and Services Act provides the customer with rights that will protect them if something goes wrong with the product or service they had purchased. The work that is carried out by the business during the process of installation must be with extra care and reasonable skills, in a specific time (if there is no reasonable time agreed) and also for a reasonable charge. The businesses contract terms and conditions contains a section that is called ‘’If you are unhappy with any aspect of your furniture. This section of the contract states that the customer that has purchased the product should contact DFS store where they had purchased the furniture from if they are not satisfied with it. Moreover it also states that the store will then be able to provide any help by their upholstery team if it is necessary. This is an effective way of protecting the consumers against defective goods and ensuring that the customer’s are satisfied. Unfair Terms Act 1999 refers to a term that creates significant imbalance in the trader and consumers position. An example of unfair terms would be where the terms allows the trader to fundamentally change the goods or services provided under the contract and at the same time give the customer no way out of the contract if they are not satisfied with the changes.Terms that allow the trader to unilaterally change the characteristics of the goods and services without a good reason , terms that allow the trader to keep an unreasonable amount of money as compensation if the consumer doesn’t keep to their side of the bargain and terms that aim to take away the consumers legal rights are all examples of unfair terms. The Unfair Term Act 1999 protects the consumers against defective goods. The DFS contract does not include any unfair terms as the unfair term would not be applicable to the contracting party.

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