The Contributions of Buddhism to the Asian Culture

4 April 2015
Describes the history, growth, & spread of the Buddhism. Examines the reasons for the religion’s popularity & unpopularity. Discusses the prospects for Buddhism in the future.

The Contributions of Buddhism to the Asian Cultures
Viewing Buddhism as a mystical religion far removed from the pressures and dynamics of capitalism is a popular belief but one which is far removed from the realities at the core of the religion. Buddhism has always faced this confusion, since there has always been a tension between the this-worldly and the other-worldly. This tension was at the heart of many early doctrinal controversies about such matters as the nature of Nirvana, the purpose of monastic life, and the character of the relationship between monks and the laity (Swearer, 1997, 81). It is this built in dichotomy between this world and other world that both hastened Buddhism’s spread and caused resistance to what many nations saw (and some still see) as an encroachment. Is Buddhism that hard to understand? This analysis will trace..

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