The Controversy of Cloning

4 April 2015
A look at cloning from a moral and ethical perspective.

This paper discusses the new emerging technology of cloning. The author looks at the scientific advantages and moral implications of this new phenomenon.
“Only four years after scientists cloned a sheep in Scotland, the ability to clone human beings is about to make the transition from science fiction to science fact. In recent news, announcements have been made regarding both the advancement of technology to clone and the interests expressed by some to utilize this technology. One such case is of an American couple who lost their 10-month old child to complications during a minor operation. Instead of having another child, they wanted this child. The couple felt that “their little son’s genotype deserved another chance (Talbot 40). The couple, well financed with money from a malpractice settlement, enlisted a science-loving religious sect called the Raelians to take frozen cells from their deceased child and make every attempt to clone him (Talbot 40). The issue of cloning humans is possibly the greatest controversy ever, as it will have the farthest-reaching effects on the world well into the future and there is a clear divide in society when the issue of cloning arises. Many support its use, while others cringe at the thought. Cloning technology is a fascinating prospect with firm roots in medical science and a strong footing in controversy as well, and responsible use will further advance higher knowledge and health.

The Controversy of Cloning Essay Example

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