The Convicts of Great Expectations & Jack Maggs

A comparison of Charles Dickens’ character, Able Magwitch, and Peter Carey’s character, Jack Maggs.

This essay compares Charles Dickens? ?Great Expectations? with Peter Carey?s ?Jack Maggs.? The author examines how the portrayal of the convict characters Abel Magwitch and Jack Maggs are compared and contrasted, revealing astonishing similarities between the two characters, despite the different backgrounds of their authors.

From the Paper:

“Peter Carey?s novel, “Jack Maggs”, and Charles Dicken?s “Great Expectations” whilst built on the same story line, were written by two authors from different countries and different times. It would therefore not be amiss for a reader to assume that their respective portrayals of a convict, who earns his wealth in New South Wales and sponsors a London street urchin to gentlemanly status, would differ markedly. This assumption, however, is quickly contradicted upon comparison of the two texts. Both Dickens and Carey, despite their different backgrounds, portray their respective convict characters, Able Magwitch and Jack Maggs, with great empathy.

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