The Corrs – In Blue

7 July 2019

Looking for a sound that’s relaxing yet upbeat? “InBlue” is for you. On their third album, The Corrs (Andrea, Sharon, Carolineand Jim) have revolutionized Celtic music as we know it. With their upliftingdrum beat, driving violin and angelic vocals, The Corrs have managed finally tostrike a chord with Americans after being number one in Europe for three years.

The Irish quartet brings Celtic to pop in songs such as their number onehit, “Breathless.” If you prefer something on a smoother note,”One Night” combines Andrea’s voice, heartbreaking lyrics and beautifulharmony between the sympathetic violin and bass. There’s something for everyoneon this album!

“In Blue” is an excellent CD for anyone who’snever heard of The Corrs. You’ll immediately fall in love with the sounds ofCeltic and light pop.

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