The Count Of Monte Cristo 2 Essay

7 July 2017

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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas, tells the narrative of a adult male, Edmond Dantes, a crewman who goes through being betrayed by his enemies and thrown in to a dark prison cell to be aftering retaliation on his enemies. His behaviour and personality alterations after passing 14 old ages in gaol for a offense that he didn t commit. Edmond Dantes was thrown in gaol, after being framed by his enemies, accused of perpetrating lese majesty and being a bonapartist. The narrative takes topographic point during the Napoleonic Era while the usurper, Napoleon has escaped to his topographic point of expatriate, the Isle of Elba, located in the Mediterranean Sea.

The narrative of Edmond Dantes starts out as him being a crewman, aboard the Pharaon ; he s shortly to go captain of the ship. Monsieur Morrel is the name of the proprietor of the Pharaon and a great friend of Dantes. He treats Edmond with great regard. There s besides a small particular lady in Dantes life, the beautiful and fantastic Mercedes. A dream occupation and a dream married woman, who could perchance desire more?

His dream shortly becomes shattered by three of his enemies, Danglars, Fernand, and Caderousse. As these three people plot against Edmond, he is about to go married to the beautiful Mercedes. On his nuptials twenty-four hours, his betrothal banquet was interrupted when the constabulary came thrust aheading through the door and arrested Edmond Dantes. Dantes was accused of giving a missive to the supplanter while the Pharaon stopped on the Isle of Elba and returning a missive from the supplanter to the Bonapartist party in Paris. After his apprehension, Edmond was interrogated and questioned by the public prosecuting officer, Monsieur de Villefort. During the question Villefort promised Edmond freedom, but that was before Monsieur de Villefort read the missive from the supplanter addressed to Monsieur Noirtier, Villefort s father. Edmond Dantes was sent to prison.

Edmond Dantes imprisonment made a immense impact on his life. He spent 14 old ages in the dark and quiet Chateau vitamin D If. During those 14 old ages he met a priest, Abbe Faria, which they met each other through a secret tunnel in which they both have created while in prison. An astonishing transmutation takes topographic point in Edmond Dantes as he learns about his enemies and a big concealed hoarded wealth that contains a big amount of money. Abbe Faria is a really smart adult male, while in prison he taught Dantes many utile cognition including the whereabouts of a big hoarded wealth located on the Isle of Monte Cristo. Abbe Faria died while still in prison. Edmond Dantes took advantage of this, because throwing dead people into the H2O is a Chateau vitamin D If tradition, Edmond placed himself inside the pouch in which Abbe was traveling to be placed and thrown into the H2O. Edmond Dantes was now a free adult male.

After Escaping from the Chateau vitamin D If, Edmond Dantes went to the Isle of Monte Cristo and found the big hoarded wealth that Abbe told him approximately. Because of disbursement 14 old ages in prison, Edmond Dantes visual aspect and perso

nality has changed greatly. In order to revenge himself he must do a camouflage. Since his visual aspect is changed, cipher can acknowledge him. But with the name Edmond Dantes, his enemies would recognize that he has escaped ; so he changed his name to The Count of Monte Cristo. With his camouflage it was clip to come in society and happen out what has happened to his enemies and friends after 14 old ages.

Monsieur Morrel, Dantes old friend, has lost everything, including his ships, and is approximately to travel belly-up and into debt. But Dantes disguised as Sinbad the Sailor, with a immense income, comes to Morrels deliverance. Sinbad the Sailor in secret gives Morrel the sum of money in which he needs to acquire out of debt. Because Morrel showed Dantes kindness and regard earlier, Dantes returns this kindness with his gratitude and money.

Because The Count of Monte Cristo is really rich, he becomes really popular and an of import member of society. He shortly learns where and what has become of his enemies. Danglars became a rich and celebrated banker that is married and has a immature girl. Fernand has became rich excessively, he changed his name to The Count de Morcerf. He besides married Mercedes and had a boy name Albert de Morcerf. Monte Cristo has brush Albert before ; he saved his life from brigands. Caderousse hasn t been every bit lucky as his friends. He became an hapless host with a ill married woman. Another adult male, which can besides be considered an enemy, is Monsieur de Villefort. Monsieur de Villefort is still the public prosecuting officer. As for his household, he lives merrily with his married woman and his girl Valentine. His male parent, Monsieur Noirtier is really sick and paralytic.

As the narrative goes on, The Count of Monte Cristo makes many friends of his enemies but his enemies don t recognize what s go oning because the Count is in camouflage. The Count has many connexions excessively, which help him acquire retaliation on his enemies. For most of the instances, the Count punished most of his enemies that resolved to decease. Through many events, a friend of Monte Cristo murdered Caderousse. And Fernand was prosecuted for slaying a adult male that was the male parent of the adult female Monte Cristo loved. Because Fernand already lost his award, alternatively of being more humiliated by being executed, he committed self-destruction. And Monsieur de Villefort lost his whole household after they committed self-destruction because of the events that Monte Cristo caused. Bandits, friends of Monte Cristo captured Monsieur Danglars, and they robbed Danglars of his whole luck. But Danglars didn T dice ; he was set free with the staying 50 thousand francs that they had left him.

There is a moral to this narrative ; if you treat ill, you ll finally acquire treated ill. But if you treat people decently, you ll acquire treat decently excessively. An illustration is Monsieur Morrel, he treated Dantes with regard and he received esteem back from Dantes. But Caderousse, Fernand, Danglars and Villefort treated Dantes ill, and they were punished. Dainty people the manner you want to be treated.

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