The Courage of a Former President

History classes across America teach students that Ronald Reagan has served as one of the nation’s most influential and president’s of our nations history. But why does a president who also formerly acted and at one point in time held the position as the Governor of California have so much recognition among today’s citizens? Ronald Reagan is known among the American people as a courageous man who risked his political career to triumph over the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. When the Free World needed inspiration and strength, Reagan provided it to those stuck under the brute force of the Soviet Union.

Winston Churchill on March 5, 1946, commented “an iron curtain has descended across the Continent”(Churchill). Forty years later that still reigned true for those countries placed under the Soviet Union’s control with unsuccessful attempts at retaliation from President Carter. It was not until with numerous defeats stacked up against America that President Reagan rallied with Margaret Thatcher of England and the Pope to rise against Communist forces around the world.

“From a secure position of military and economic power President Reagan intended not merely to contain Soviet communism but to reverse its gain and subdue it”,( Reagan Civiced). Reagan went against the policies President Carter had set for the nation, specifically those involving our military technology so that way America could meet the power of Soviet Russia tooth and nail. He believed the Soviet’s government controlled command economy could never keep pace with our free trade economy, so Reagan increased the import and export of military technology exponentially (

“Timing was the reason President Reagan launched the invasion”(Al jazeera). America still reeled from the heavy military losses in Vietnam and the hostage crisis in Iran, so the success of this invasion into Grenada would boost the morale of the American population who had lost the fire of freedom and democracy in their hearts. “There were then about 10,000 of our citizens in Grenada 800 of them students in St. Georges University Medical School Concerned that they’d be harmed or held as hostages I ordered a flotilla of ships… to circle south… in thevicinity of Grenada”,(Mother Jones Reagan Televised Speech). Before that, the Russians had invaded Grenada and taken their prime minister Maurice and had him executed at gunpoint, leaving the leaderless under the control of Communist submission. If Ronald Reagan had not invaded and left Grenada without aid they could very well be under Communist control today and America would not the strength or resources today that it did under Reagan’s presidency to act against the advancement of the Soviet Union on weaker nations. Reagan truly risked his political career and supporters on the hopes to release Grenada from the Soviet Union along with other nations in order to do what was right for the Free world and not become seen as a weaker nation by the Soviet Union and the world.

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