The Crazy Thing I Did This Summer

Thing I Did During the Summer Vacation The summer vacation is expected by every student for each of a year, and no doubt I’m no exception. So when the summer vacation is coming and along with the nice weather.

Maybe it’s the good time for planning outdoor activities. Well, after finished discussed with my high school classmates, we decided to go to Kenting have fun for five days. And during these five days, there are some crazy things take place that I don’t want to admit what was really happened on me.The hotel where we ordered is near the beach. It is a nice hotel, the room is really big and the landscape is beautiful. During the daytime we play on the beach and enjoy the sunlight, but we know the nighttime is highlight and about to crazy and get high. At Kenting the “Transsexual Bar” is famous and people can easily see the Bar on street.

So my friends and I went into one, we danced and played the drinking games. I’m really not good at drinking games, I lose many times and to toss off almost every round.With the time goes by the alcohol was about full in my belly I was totally drunk. And that I am started being crazy and annoying. Well, according to my friends. After I got drunk, I went to other tables kissed every cute boys that in front of me. I climbed on the stage embrace the transsexual dancer and do the “Shake bon bon.

” After dance over I rushed out the Bar and seated on the Kenting Street cried loud and cursed every boy that I had date for.My friends think I am really annoying than took me back to the hotel. But back to the hotel, I am started being violent, I through the seashells, that we collected at daytime, to each of my friends. Avoid getting hurt; all of them stayed far away from me until there are no seashells on my hands. My friends afraid I will break the hotel things so they took me out on the beach. I lie down and beginning to sing, and soon unconsciously felt asleep.When I wake up, I find out that I was sleep on the beach, than I know there is definitely something happened last night.

After my friends told me everything, I was so embarrassed and feel really sorry to my friends. But they said never mind because they enjoyed seeing me losing control think that was really fun. After this crazy thing happened, I remind myself not to drink too much alcohol at future. And I love my friends because they took care about me even I was annoying. It’s really lovely and touching, thanks them.

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