The creatures

6 June 2017

Without competition our past would be way different from the tale that we are informed through our education. I mainly believe that conflicting ideas made me who I am. This confliction may happen in various areas HoWeVeR today I am only interested in the confliction between imprisonment and freedom . You know words that usually evokes us heaven belongs simply to things that we usually categorize under the word “good”. But when these characteristics uniform in history, we face with a “MANiMAL” which uses it magical powers as evil everything suddenly changes and now we are forced to look at things happened in history from n another perspective.

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So we can mention about the existence of extraterrestrials in our world in ancient times, right? I bet we can. One of the species (“ALiENS”) were called as Sirens and they did have a voice which poisons human by amazement. When you hear the sound once you cant keep yourself listening from listening it more which really does lead to death caused by starvation. They did have wings and moreover due to this physical superiority they were worshipped as if they were Gods. By the way haven’t you checked the definition in dictionary of this holly word. if not here it is. the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe. As you read the definition it says that these extraterrestrials are the rulers of this humans. However can we classify power by Just looking at the physical strength of something? Personally being powerful should also consist of being emotionally strong. So are these creatures, (Sirens) really outclass humans… This is a question that people have been discussing for decades and didn’t reach a final result or an universally acceptable comment. Sharing emotions was way too important for communication and some even believe hat this desire was unique to our planet. Was it?

According to some text from ancient civilizations these bird like angels lived in an island which was named after its own specie. SiRENlJM The creatures did kill the ones who are trying to reach them in order to communicate with them however their end was death. These creatures were frightened of us so they didn’t let us to invade their land in earth. A part from heaven… When we look at this it seems a bit weird because confliction of these species did create a infinite loop. Aliens were imprisoned at SiRENlJM and people were also stuck ith the remaining land in earth.

So don’t you also think that this limitations and imprisonment creates a part of the weaknesses for both of the side. This endless loop desperately continuous with the idea of Helping Strangers By Sacrificing your life. When sirens call for help they are killing humanity at the same time that makes things more complicated than it was used to be. Isn’t it a bit selfish to ask for someone else’s life in order to survive in a kind of a away game. But what can we do about it, after all aren’t they are still GODS in our unconscious minds?????

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