The Crimean War

4 April 2015
A study of the reasons why the European powers were unable to prevent the start of the Crimean War.

The paper shows that the causes of the Crimean war all revolved around the decaying Ottoman Empire and the Eastern Question. The Ottoman Empire had grown too large and outstretched; it was getting impossible to control such a vast empire from the center and the Empire consisted of many different ethnic and religious people. The paper discusses each of the great powers of the time – Russian, Britain, France, Austria and Sardinia – and shows how each one in turn was unable to prevent the war.
“As Turkey’s direct neighbor, Russia had a mixture of territorial, strategic, economic and religious reasons for their part in starting the Crimean War. Ever since the time of Peter the Great, Russia had dreamed of getting control of the Black Sea and gaining access to a warm water port in the Mediterranean. If Russia could gain access to the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Ottoman territory then it would vastly improve its economic, trade and shipping economies. If this were to happen Russia would also dominate the Near East making it the most dominant Great Power. The Russian Orthodox Church also laid claim to the Holy Lands, which would be vitally important in political and strategic terms to get a foothold in this area.”
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