The Criminal Mind Essay Sample

9 September 2017


In psychological science the condemnable head is controlled by a figure of distressing feelings which a condemnable attempts to stop when he commits a certain condemnable act. Feelingss such as hungriness may drive a individual to steal so as to fulfill his famishment. This motive is driven by a stimulation which leads to voluntary behavior to fulfill and run into the psychological demand a condemnable head is driven by a figure of motivations which are fundamentally the feelings of hurt and the feeling of a feeling of hurt. When a individual decides to steal nutrient. he is driven by the motivation of a feeling of hurt. When the same individual has enough nutrient and however decides to steal more. he is driven by the other motivation which is the feeling of experiencing hurt. Psychologically. a figure of distressing feelings occur in a criminal’s head which motivates his condemnable Acts.

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These feelings of dependence. being controlled. isolation and hungriness contribute a major factor in felons.

How a condemnable head plants.

Most motivations which influence a felons mind develop spontaneously from our mundane experiences and behaviors. Depending on grownups. socialising with friends. eating nutrient. originate feelings such as solitariness. dependance. hungriness. isolation and feeling controlled. These feelings that arise spontaneously from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours ordinary behaviours are referred to as alpha motivations. However. other motivations may be created by environmental experiences. For illustration. a individual who is insulted by his friend feels that the friend has control over him and this prompts him to seek retaliation. A big figure of felons are motivated by these feelings of control. whereby they that other people have an upper manus in their lives. As consequence the victims find themselves over depending on other people. These feelings hence motivate them to stop the dependence. Everyone experiences feelings of scope and other inappropriate sexual feelings. However. some of us have the ability to barricade and lock up the feelings internally. But in persons with psychological upsets the ability to barricade up the feelings internally has been eroded. Research shows that consecutive slayers report experiencing a really strong impulse which pushes them to kill people even at the hazard of exposing themselves. The longer they let the feelings have control of their heads. the more unsafe they become. ( Ramsland. K. 2002 ) .

A rapers head develops at a immature age. As a immature adult male reaches the age pubescence. he begins fantasying about holding sex with little misss. This sort of ideas and phantasies start taking over and commanding his witting head. Finally. the phantasies take over wholly and he becomes disconnected from the existent universe. This immature adult male detaches from the remainder of the people including his household and friends. The immature adult male so develops into a kid molester and since he is alienated from the universe. no 1 is capable of helping him keep from the act. Consecutive slayers confess that watching horror films and chilling imagination has motivated them to kill and perpetrate other offenses. These felons are provoked by the horror imageries they viewed to perpetrate aggressive slayings. It is unusual how the imagination merely affects a little part of people and gives them the model and guidelines to be after and execute their condemnable Acts of the Apostless. These films give the persons thoughts. methods and the type and class of victims to assail. Criminals experience no compunction feelings at all and therefore miss the ability to keep from perpetrating a condemnable act. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. crimelibrary. com/criminal_mind/psychology/index. hypertext markup language )

Common condemnable motivations

The most common motivations which drive a condemnable to perpetrate a condemnable act include feelings of being controlled and dependance on other people. Condemnable Acts of the Apostless committed are therefore a manner of delivering themselves so as to be independent and experience less controlled. Feelingss of dependence normally result from psychological assaults and develop into a psychological distressful feeling which must be fulfilled. Therefore. a condemnable act is normally a response to a feeling of being controlled. dependence or feeling inferior. To place a condemnable motivation. requires placing the beginning of the motivation foremost because a offense is committed in order to stop a certain feeling.

Condemnable motivations arise in a felons head when he feels little. disrespected. weak. and hapless and as a consequence feels controlled by those superior to him. In such instances. a individuals head develops the impulse to hold independency at whatever cost. Persons who feel little. hapless. weak and inferior have feelings of enviousness towards other people and hence experience angry towards the society. These persons develop into stealers and sexual attackers by seeking to acquire even with the society to obtain what they lack. The condemnable head has an inferior composite. which the person aims to stop by acquiring rid of feeling of control and dependence. ( Hall. J. 2005 ) .

A rapers head has shown to be controlled by a figure of motivations which include the feeling of sexual hungriness whereby a raper responds to the stimulation of sexual hurt. The rapist’s head is controlled by feelings of dependence and being controlled which the raper is stoping by tormenting and torturing his victims. This makes him experience that he has control over them and that they depend on him. A figure of rapers report that their desires developed as a consequence of being rejected by a figure of adult females in the society due to certain facets of their lives. These persons feel little. weak. hapless. unhealthy and inferior to pull adult females in their lives.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //members. aol. com/psychquery/PT40. hypertext markup language )

Evidence has emerged that individual motivation can do many condemnable Acts of the Apostless. Criminal who fell dependant and controlled may perpetrate multiple offenses. Criminals with inferior composites may develop into consecutive slayers and rapers. These motives drive felons to make the incorrect thing instead than the right thing. The fact that these felons lack feelings of compunction makes it hard for them to take the right thing. For illustration. a immature adult male finds a lost little miss. Alternatively of taking the miss to a constabulary station. the immature adult male is compelled by an overpowering impulse to sexually assail the miss. This immature adult male is motivated by feelings of control and dependence to take the incorrect thing instead than the right thing. In such instances. the impulse to perpetrate a offense is normally strong than the impulse to keep from the act ( Howitt Dennis. 2006 )

Determing the motivation behind felons act depends on analyzing the events environing and taking to the act for illustration. when a individual is found with slaying grounds next to his friend who stolen money from him. it is apparent that the motivation behind the slaying is revenge and feeling of control. However it is hard to find the existent distressing feelings a felon had been sing at the clip of the offense. A condemnable motivation can be determined from the condemnable act by the manner the offense is committed. A individual who kills another by stubbing him legion times is said to make that out of retaliation.


A felons head is driven by motivation instead than emotion. In some cases the emotion of fright. has been known to actuate felons to perpetrate condemnable activities. Some people develop a certain fright that their neighbors want to assail them and as consequence they murder their neighbors out of fright. A condemnable head is besides motivated by unconscious feelings. A individual commits a offense without consciously sing the distressing feelings that motivate his behavior. A criminal’s head is easy influenced by environing environmental experiences such as interacting with new people. developing relationships with them and watching hideous imaginations in films.

Once a motivation prompts a condemnable to perpetrate a certain offense. the impulse becomes stronger depending on the figure of times the offense is committed. Criminals have no compunction feelings and are therefore incapable of keeping from making incorrect things. Their desires overwhelm their sense of morality. It is hard to find the motivation behind a felons act but this can be done by placing the events that surround and lead to the act. Analyzing the mode in which a offense is committed can besides help in finding the motivation behind the offense. A criminal’s head. unlike the head of stable individual. is focused on stoping the oppressive feelings experienced by the person. A condemnable performs the condemnable Acts of the Apostless to liberate himself from dependence and feelings of being controlled by those around him.

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