The Cruciable

2 February 2017

Thesis Judging and being judged is a big problem in the world today. It affects so many different people of every race and gender. In the book To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, it shows the effects of judging people in many ways, such as the effects on the people being judged, the people around them and the people doing the judging. Judging affects the people being judged more because it has a more direct impact on their life. Being judged can completely change someone’s life.

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, a black man named Tom was falsely accused of raping a young white girl.When a white lawyer with a good reputation came upon this case he knew how people would react to him defending a black man, but he took the case anyway because he truly believed that the man was innocent. In the end of the novel it is proven that the woman made the story up and one of the kindest black men was put to death just because he was black and people judged him based on that fact. They stereotyped him and believed that just because he was black that that was something he would do. Unlike most characters in the book, the reader got to know the character of Tom and they got to know his personality.He doesn’t turn out to be like the other people in the town judge him to be like, but instead he turns out to be a very kind, loving and hardworking man with a family that he loves a lot. In the end of the novel the reader also discovers that he was actually trying to help the women when she came on to him and he refused.

The Cruciable Essay Example

If people in the town of Maycomb, where the story takes place, would have gotten to know the man his life could have been saved. The two children of the lawyer, Jem and Scout, were also very much affected by judging.People in the town would make rude comments to them just because their father was doing the right thing by defending the black man when the children had nothing to do with it. Being judged is also the leading cause of suicide in the United States, sometimes the people doing the judging have no idea of the effects it can have on a person. Judging can be a form of bullying which every deals with differently. Sometimes even if a person acts like what it said about them doesn’t bother them what is said can stick in their mind for the rest of their life.On October 7th 2003 a young middle school aged boy by the name of Ryan showed just how judging and bullying leads to suicide in teenagers.

Ryan had problems with his speech ever since he was born that he had no control over. He had to work extra hard at home and in school just to keep up with other kids his own age. Many people agreed that he was one of the nicest kids they have ever met I their life, but other people who didn’t know him would judge him and pick on him because of his speech problems. One day all the name calling and bullying got to him and he broke down.This was a surprise to his whole family because to them he had always seemed very confident and secure. He told his parents about everything he was going through and asked to be cyber-schooled. One week later Ryan’s parents got a call from the principal who had just broken up a fight between Ryan and one of the boys who had always picked on him for his speech.

No one was hurt, but four days later Ryan committed suicide and hanged himself. This was all because no one got to really know him personally and they just judged him based on something he had no control over.Judging affects people around the affected who are not directly involved. What one thinks about people can have a large influence on what they think too. How someone acts around a person can have a large influence on what they think too. How someone acts around a person can have a large influence how they act around them too. If a group of people does not hang around someone because of what they wear then another group will see that no one else hangs around that person and they will never allow themselves a chance to get to know them.

Like Mary Harcraw said, “The human mind was designed to fill gaps, we assume the intentions of other people when we have missing information and this leads to incorrect judgment most of the time. ” This means that people assume things about people just because they don’t know the truth. Most people tend to just “follow the crowd” and go along with whatever everyone else is doing. People tend to go along with what other people are doing because they’re afraid of being different and that they might be judged too.The book To Kill a Mockingbird shows this very well. In the book no one in the town of Maycomb knew Tom personally except the lawyer defending him. The only person who liked Tom was the only person who got to know him.

Everyone in the town would hear about how bad of a person he was and all the bad things he has done and with every person that would find hear something, the story of what really happened would get even more and more exaggerated. It influences people’s decisions of what things are like so they can never find out by themselves.Judging also affects the people doing the judging in many ways as well. Judging stops a person from really getting to know a person. If there is a pregnant teenager walking around, most people would call her a slut. If they see a younger woman with a older man, they would call her a gold-digger. If the people who thought this had gotten to know the people then their opinions could change quickly.

They could find out that the teenager might have been raped or that the couple might actually have a good relationship.People are going through a lot more than you can see. The strongest, most popular person in the school could hate their life the most. There’s no way one can correctly judge a person without getting to know them over time and find out where they are coming from. This is why opinions can change so fast when they get to know a person. As you can see judging is in fact a big problem. There are many different aspects to it and it has a large impact on the world, affecting not only the judged, but those around them as well as the people doing the judging.

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