The Crucible 10 Essay Research Paper Adultery

7 July 2017

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The Crucible 10 Essay Research Paper Adultery
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The Crucible 10 Essay, Research Paper

Adultery: a possible cause of Salem Trials?

Could Proctor & A ; Abigail & # 8217 ; s adultery be responsible for some Acts of the Apostless that happened during the prosecutions in the Salem witchtrials? One might state non, while another could state it plays a great portion in the narrative.

John Proctor s past criminal conversation with Abigail Williams could be considered partly responsible for John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor being accused of being enchantresss in Arthur Miller s The Crucible. The Crucible is a narrative about how a immature adult female ( Abigail Williams ) falls in love with a married adult male ( John Proctor ) and will finally make whatever it takes to take his married woman s ( Elizabeth Proctor ) topographic point. Everything gets out of manus and all of a sudden there purportedly is witchery in Salem, and the kids involved in this all lie there manner out, and accuse

guiltless villagers of diabolic work.

One obvious ground Abigail Williams has for faulting John Proctor s married woman, Elizabeth Proctor, of witchery, is the fact that she is frantically in love with John Proctor. Elizabeth knows this, excessively, and has even caught her hubby with Abigail one time. She so got rid of her as a amah, and put her on the route. When she is speaking to her uncle, Reverend Parris, she even references that She [ Elizabeth Proctor ] hates me, uncle. It s a acrimonious adult female, a prevarication, cold, whining adult female & # 8230 ; ( page 12 ) . It is clear that Abigail is talking with a covetous tone, and that Elizabeth merely did what seemed to be the best manner to maintain her household together. Abigail, nevertheless, does non understand nor accept this, since she is profoundly in love with John Proctor, and sees Elizabeth as her antagonist.

Once the word witchery has fallen in Salem, the misss who were dancing in the forests with Tituba realize that there is no manner out of this farcical state of affairs without penalty, unless they pretend that they surely were troubled by other s liquors. They need to lodge to the same narrative, otherwise the small town will instantly detect that it is all a fraud. But, because of the craze, they can acquire off with the dance because they blame it on witchery, and enchantresss whom they appoint. The most powerful 1s in Salem, for illustration the Reverend and the Judgess, do non look to detect that they really push the kids in the way of naming supposed enchantresss, as they have done with Abigail, and subsequently on with Tituba. They make it look right to accus

vitamin E others of witchery even if there is nil incorrect with the kids. At the terminal of Act Two, Thomas Putnam gives the kids who are present thoughts of whom to fault, Sarah Good? Did you of all time see Sarah Good with him? Or Osburn? ( page 46 ) . By making this, he sets a really bad illustration for the kids: he shows them it is really easy to fault others to salvage yourself.

When Abigail Williams sees that it is so easy to fault anyone in Salem, even Rebecca Nurse, she takes it a small farther. Anyone who gets in her manner or anyone who she does non wish, will be blamed for witchery, since the tribunal believes her and non the accused. But John Proctor gets Mary Warren to squeal that it was all a fraud, and that she ne’er saw any enchantresss, nor did any of the other misss. He gets her to compose a deposition and mark it. But when she has to travel to tribunal, things get a little more complicated. Of class Abigail does non hold with Mary Warren squealing their secret. When Mary Warren is done speaking to Judge Hathorne, he decides to interrogate Abigail. While he is inquiring her inquiries, she all of a sudden pretends to be attacked by Mary Warren s spirit. Now Mary Warren realizes that either she has to endure the effects of being accused of witchery ( which means decease ) , or allow person else suffer by false accusal. She decides to make the last, and she picks John

Proctor as her victim, stating & # 8230 ; you are the devil s adult male! & # 8230 ; ( page 118 ) .

John Proctor s past criminal conversation with Abigail Williams is of class non the lone factor that is responsible for him and his married woman being accused of being enchantresss, but it is one though that started it all. Other immense factors are the craze of the people in Salem, and the great fright of the Devil. If they had non had such great fright of the Devil, many would non hold hanged for artlessness and all would hold seen that there was no witchery in Salem. But Proctor s

criminal conversation with Abigail Williams has had an consequence on the full instance. It gave Abigail a & # 8211 ; in her eyes & # 8211 ; good ground to impeach Elizabeth Proctor of witchery. Then, if Elizabeth was hanged, she hoped she could take her topographic point in Proctor s life. Not everything went the manner Abigail had planned it and she feared that in Salem the same thing would go on as occurred in Andover, where the people overthrew the tribunal, and did non believe in witchery. If this would go on,

she would be punished and she surely would non travel to Heaven.

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