The Crucible

1 January 2017

After studying Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, I have come to the conclusion that the three people most to blame for the witch hysteria and the subsequent death of innocent people are Abigail Williams, Mary Warren, and the Judges. Each of these people, in some way, caused harm to blameless people, and I will, in this essay explain what these people, knowingly or unknowingly did to contribute to the death of the innocent people hanged as witches in Salem Village in 1692. Abigail Williams was most responsible for the Salem Witch hysteria.

The main reason is that she had an affair with John Proctor and wanted to be with him. When the girls and her were caught dancing in the woods and they started calling it possible Witch Craft she saw the opportunity to get Goody Proctor out of the picture. She started to accuse people of witch craft and the girls followed close behind with more names. In court she had everyone listening to her especially the girls whom didn’t want to get turned on just like Mary Warren almost was. Mary Warren was also responsible for the tragedy.

The Crucible Essay Example

The first reason is that she made the poppet for Elizabeth Proctor for a sorry that she disobeyed their rules. When she was making the Poppet In court Abigail saw it and knew that she finally had evidence that would be planted so she could accuse Elizabeth. Mary put the needle she was using to sew the poppet in the stomach for safe keeping which she happened to forget about and Abigail saw her put it there. She then stabbed herself with a needle saying goody Proctor, Elizabeth’s, spirit did this to her. When Proctor convinced her to go against Abigail and tell the truth but that went all wrong.

Abigail saw the court was in Mary’s favor she got all the girls and herself to pretend they saw a bird in the rafters ready to claw out their eyes which then Hawthorne told her to faint but she said she couldn’t. The judges then started to accuse her of witch craft when she ran to Abigail screaming that she was sorry that she was lying because Proctor put her under his spell. Lastly, the Judges are responsible for the hanging of innocent people as witches. They at first believe the girls when they said names of people. Also, they soon found out that the girls were lying but didn’t do anything.

They then tried to make the accused people confess that they did witchcraft. Many wouldn’t confess saying that it would ruin their name in heaven. They didn’t want to seem weak by letting everyone go so they let many innocent people hang. In conclusion, there are three people who are most to blame for the hanging of innocent people during the Salem Witch trials of 1692. These three people were Abigail Williams, Mary Warren, and the Judges. Each of these knowingly or unknowingly caused the witch hysteria to grow and contributed to the hanging deaths of the men and women during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

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