”The Crucible” by Arthur Miller Essay Sample

The Crucible. written by dramatist and novelist Arthur Miller. is considered to be one of the classics of American literature. Set in the town of Salem. Massachusetts. in the 1690s. it tells the narrative of one adult male plagued with guilt. but besides of a town gripped in a moving ridge of craze over witchery. Therefore. two chief subjects are running throughout the drama.

The first subject concerns the chief supporter: John Proctor. Early on in the drama. it is implied that he and Abigail have had some kind of matter. However. though the matter is over. it is apparent that Abigail would wish it to go on. Evidence of this can be seen in Act 1. when she asks John to give her “a soft word” ( Miller. 1992 ) . John refuses to make what she asks. doing it clear that this facet of their relationship is over. Regardless of his house stance with Abigail. John is riddled with guilt about the brief matter.

In modern times. the degree of guilt that John feels would be considered a spot of overkill. Yet. for the period in which John was populating in. holding a high degree of guilt whenever 1 committed a error of such magnitude was rather the norm. Puritan society was structured on a really stiff apprehension of the Bible and what God expected of them. Not merely did John hold his ain guilt to postulate with. he besides had to cover with being continually punished by his married woman. who withheld any fondness that she may hold felt and was ever leery of John in the wake of the matter.

The 2nd subject concerns the witchery craze that swept the community. What started out as immature misss playing in the forests snowballed into a state of affairs in which a big portion of the community was accused of being enchantresss. and a little figure being executed after being found guilty of witchery. It is non until the latter portion of the drama that it becomes clear that many of the accusals were false. Therefore. the Puritans that were so steadfast on following the word of God had committed wickedness amongst themselves by falsely impeaching guiltless work forces and adult females of witchery. but more significantly. of perpetrating the wickedness of slaying. The drama therefore provides the reader with a critical lesson: worlds are filled with defects. and those defects can non be changed in a stiff society. but instead in a society that is unfastened and forgiving. Had this been the instance in Salem. the decease and devastation that resulted from the witchery craze would non hold occurred.


Miller. Arthur.The Crucible.( 1992 ) . United Kingdom: Heinemann Educational Publishers.

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