The Crucible Essay Essay Research Paper It

The Crucible Essay Essay, Research Paper

It is a drama with enormous feelings with many inside turns hidden in the archives of the true narrative. It is a drama with emotional feelings, feelings of choler, hatred, immorality, use, good, and purity. It is the The Crucible. In the drama, Arthur Miller develops the thought that strongly held beliefs direct people? s behavior, Abigail Williams who accuses others to get away from penalty, Mary Warren who chooses to lie to maintain herself out of problem, and John Proctor who chooses to give his life to salvage the lives of other guiltless people.

Arthur Miller develops Abigail Williams as an evil character. She tempts Proctor into lechery, and come its illegal Acts of the Apostless which all are against the Puritan faith. To get away penalty for dance, she deflects the actions and blames them on person else, and does non care how many lives she destroys. Subsequently when she grows into power and influence, she seems to bask directing these guiltless people their deceases. She besides uses evil actions disguised as good by acknowledging who was with the Satan, ? She sends her spirit on me in church ; she makes me laugh at supplication! ? ( P.44 ) Obviously the people she accuses are really guiltless, but she has the ability to pull strings Judge Danforth into believing that she is making the right thing and stating the truth.

Mary W

arren? s purposes at the beginning of the narrative were to make good and justness. But she sees that when she is in problem, she besides needs person to debar the penalty on. This greed consequences in her stating that John Proctor was associated with Satan, and that he possessed her and made her do all of incorrect actions, ? You are the Devil? s adult male! I? ll non hang with you! I love God, I love God. ? ( P.118 ) Her purposes were foremost good, but so her actions turned into evil, merely like Abigail Williams.

John Proctor is the supporter in the drama. He is a hero at the terminal of the drama, when he falsely admits that he was with Satan all a long. He so refuses to state the justice and accuse anyone of being with Satan excessively like Abigail did. Therefore he may be considered a hero, for deceasing for a cause of salvaging the lives of other guiltless people. John Proctor besides tries to support his married woman, and efforts to do the justice recognize how Abigail Williams is pull stringsing him.

In decision, Arthur Miller develops the thought that strongly held beliefs direct people? s behavior. The forces of good ever tried to make what was the best for everybody, even if it meant interrupting some Puritan Torahs. The evil group did whatever was best for themselves. They were greedy, and had no consideration of others.


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