The Crucible Essay Research Paper The CrucibleThe

The Crucible Essay, Research Paper

The Crucible

The Crucible is a drama written by Arthur Miller. It is

about a clip of mundane people who use lying as a arm while

stating they are pure and spiritual. This narrative is a premier

illustration of how people will make anything to acquire what they want,

even if it means aching other people. This narrative is about a

smattering of misss who use other people to salvage themselves. These

misss were caught dancing around a fire and what seemed to be a

charming brew. Although these misss were making nil wrong they

felt to be on the safe side to state that other people made them

dance and subscribe the book of the Satan.

Although all the people in this drama is acquiring betrayed or

bewraying other people. One of the chief people in this narrative was

Abigail Williams. She was average and would make anything to acquire what

she wanted. She was in love with an older married adult male and she

was covetous of the married woman. Abigail wanted nil more in her unrecorded

so to happen a manner to acquire rid of his married woman so she can take her

topographic point. In the procedure of non acquiring in problem for dancing in

the forests and seeking to acquire the love of her live, she convinced

the other misss of aching alot if guiltless people. She got all

kinds of people thrown in prison such as Rebecca Nurse and Mary

Warren. She got all these people in problem by stating she saw

them with the Satan and accused them of enchantress trade.

John Proctor started to be a nice cat, but subsequently in the book

when his married woman

was accused of witchery he seemed to hold

changed. He ended up being average and started to mistreat his power

to the family amah named Mary Warren who was one of the childs

stating prevarications. He told her that if she did non get down stating the

truth about her and the other misss so he would kill her. By

stating this he showed that he doesn? T attention for anyone except him

and his married woman. Even though he knew from the beginning that the

misss were lying he allow other guiltless people die.

When Mary Warren went to the justice to state the truth she

knew either manner that she was ruined. She knew that if she told

the truth that the other misss would turn on her and impeach her,

but if she didn? T so she knew the John Proctor would make what he

said and kill her. She went to the tribunal and merely as she thought

the misss said they saw her as a xanthous bird. The lone thing she

could believe of to take back what she said and acquire the misss to

halt was to state that John Proctor was into witchery and he put

a enchantment on her.

The misss eventually stopped with their prevarications when they went to far,

they started to fault the city managers married woman. After that the justice

eventually relized that all of the misss have told nil but prevarications

and guiltless people died for nil. That was the terminal of the

Salem enchantress tests. This narrative was a good illustration of how life

was back so, and how everyone thought they could hold their

manner. The Salem enchantress tests killed 100s of guiltless people

who died by nil more than prevarications.

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