The Crusades Essay Research Paper Crusades were

The Crusades Essay, Research Paper

Campaigns were Christian military expeditions organized chiefly to recapture Palestine during the Middle Ages. Palestine, besides called the Holy Land, was of import to Christians because it was the part where Jesus Christ had lived. Palestine lay along the eastern seashore of the Mediterranean Sea, and Muslims had taken control of it from Christians. The reformers, who came from Western Europe, organized eight major expeditions between A.D. 1096 and 1270. This was a period when Western Europe was spread outing its economic system and increasing its military forces. The Crusades were a portion of a wide Christian enlargement motion.

Kings, Lords, and 1000s of knights, provincials, and townsfolks took portion in the Crusades. They had two ends, to derive lasting control of the Holy Land and to protect the Byzantine Empire, a Grecian Christian imperium centered in southeasterly Europe, from the Muslims. But many reformers besides fought to increase their power, district, and wealths. The reformers won some conflicts and established a reformer land along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, but their triumphs had no lasting consequence. However, the Crusades increased already bing contacts between the West and the East. These contacts led to extra trade and commercialism.

The reformers failed to carry through their chief ends. They recaptured the Holy Land for a clip but could non set up enduring control over the country. Western and Eastern Christians united to contend the Muslims. But dealingss between the two groups of Christians, particularly as a consequence of the Fourth Crusade, became so acrimonious that they led to a heritage of hatred. The Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Empir

vitamin E in 1453. In add-on, the pope’s prestigiousness declined because some Catholic Popes used the Crusades for personal and political addition.

However, the Crusades besides enriched European life. For illustration, they farther stimulated economic growing by conveying increased trade between metropoliss that bordered the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian metropoliss of Venice, Genoa, and Pisa prospered and grew powerful by transporting reformers and their supplies to the Middle East, where these metropoliss gained privileges in districts conquered during the Crusades. Goods from Asia passed through these districts on the manner to the metropoliss in Italy.

Western Europeans besides learned how to construct better ships and do more accurate maps during the Crusades. They began to utilize magnetic compasses to state waies. The Crusades were of merely modest importance compared to the great commercial enlargement or the rise of monarchies in Western Europe. In the heads of the people of the crusading epoch, nevertheless, the Crusades seemed really of import.

Historians one time thought the reformers who returned to Europe acquainted Westerners with the goods and ways of life in the East. The historiographers thought that this contact greatly influenced life in the West. As a consequence of the Crusades, historians one time argued, Europeans were introduced to such points as sugar, silk, velvet, and glass mirrors.

Modern historiographers, nevertheless, reject these statements. They say that Europeans had known of sugar, silk, velvet, and glass mirrors before the Crusades. These historiographers point to a broad sum of interchange between Muslims, Byzantines, and Europeans many old ages before the Crusades. Venice, above all, had served for many old ages as a nexus between the East and West.

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