The Cure

6 June 2019

On May 15, I went to see The Cure at the Nassau Coliseum; a concert any Cure fan should not miss. The tour is in response to their recent release, “Wish.” Although there was no opening band, the two-hour show did not disappoint.

The program began with a flood of smoke and their new song, “Open,” soon followed by other songs from “Wish” including, “High,” “Friday I’m in Love,” and “Apart.” To satisfy long-time fans of The Cure, “The Walk,” and “Let’s Go to Bed” were featured.

The light show was equally impressive, with streams of pink, purple, green, and blue lights engulfing The Cure as well as the audience. Throughout each song, colorful designs were projected onto a large background screen. The most fitting was during the song “Lullaby,” several black spider webs swirled in back of the lead singer, Robert Smith’s head.

The Cure finished their set, and left the crowd begging for more.

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In response to cheering, clapping, stomping, and a sea of flames from lighters, The Cure returned for two encores, including “Charlotte Sometimes,” “The Walk,” and “Boys Don’t Cry.” The show came to an unwanted, yet exciting close with a rendition of “A Forest.”

The Cure is scheduled to play several dates over the summer. If they play near you, try to get tickets. The money spent will be well worth it. n

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