The Dalton Gang Report From A Magazine

9 September 2017

Beginning Essay, Research Paper

Kansas Magazine 2nd Issue 1997

? The Legend Lives On?

The Dalton Gang Hideout is in Meade, Kansas. The Dalton? s consisted of Eva and her five brothers ; Bob, Grat, Frank, Bill, and Emmett. Eva moved to Meade in the 1880s ; there she met and married John N. Whipple, the proprietor of the first mercantile shop in Meade. They were married on October 25, 1887 and the twosome so moved into a new place that Whipple had built for her sou’-east of Meade. All the Dalton brothers were Deputy U.S. Marshals at the clip and Frank was killed while doing an apprehension in Arkansas.

The sequence of events that followed after that historians haven? T been able to happen account for. Three hebdomads after the nuptials, Whipple gave up his concern and two months subsequently he gave the title to the house to Eva. Now the twosome presumptively lived off of Whipple? s Equus caballus trading and fire hook playing.

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Soon after this the Dalton brothers went rotten and their first train robbery was in Alila, California in February, 1891. The whole town felt sorry for Eva and wondered why the Dalton brothers had turned over a bad foliage. The Whipple? s house was frequently searched but the ill-famed brothers were ne’er seen on the land. If the constabulary questioned Whipple as to why he had so many Equus caballuss in his barn, he would answer that he was making some trading. In 1892 the Whipples

cryptically left town and were no where to be found when Bob and Grant Dalton, Dick Broadwell and Bill Powers were killed, in Coffeyville, while seeking to rob two Bankss.

The Whipple house was sold in November 1892 and the 95 pes tunnel, from the lower degree of the house to the barn, was discovered by a alien who wandered into it and startled the new proprietors of the house. It was used as a concealment and flight tunnel by the Dalton Gang, that? s why it went to the barn where the Equus caballuss were kept.

After traveling, the Whipples lived merrily in Oklahoma and Arkansas where they had two kids, a girl, Maud, and a boy, Glenn. Bill Dalton was shot and killed by law officers in 1894 and the last, merely lasting brother, Emmett Dalton was sentenced to life imprisonment after retrieving from his lesions. In 1907 he was released ; he moved to California and became a man of affairs. He besides wrote two books, Beyond the Law and When the Daltons Rode.

In 1940 the City of Meade purchased the site. Improvements were made to the house, a new barn was constructed ( because the old one was beyond fix ) , and the tunnel was reinforced and enlarged. The Dalton Gang Hideout opened to tourers on June 6, 1941.

In the barn, where the tourers enter, there? s a gift store and a museum. On the site at that place? s besides a park with barbeque installations and a phase for other amusement excessively.

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