The Dance by Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks sang a famous song called The Dance. The Dance at first glance means dance, but upon reading the poem the knowledge is gained that the dance really means life. The narrator of the poem is someone who died and did so tragically and painfully. The poem was written to show the importance of life and embracing it. The author is reflective and feels happy that they stuck with life and would not go back to miss the type of death or for anything. I chose this poem because the song,

The Dance means a lot to me and holds a secret to life that is important and crucial.
The author looks back on life and the perfection at the beginning, turn to a tragic event. The author states he’s glad he didn’t know how badly his life would end, but wouldn’t miss it if he could have missed the pain. In addition to the metaphoric, Poetic devices are also used. The author uses repetition, Enjambment , rhyme and meter. An example of Enjambment is β€œAnd know I’m glad I didn’t know, The way it all would end,
The way it all would go.” Enjambment creates a break up to the normal stanza structure and a different rhythm. Rhyme is seen when, β€œlooking back on the memory of, the dance we shared beneath the stars above.” The use of rhyme creates a meter and is more effective in covering the tone. Meter is important in the poem as it creates a pattern and steadiness.
Overall, the poem makes me feel humble and think about life and tragedies that occur in it. This is my favorite poem due to the meaning and message behind it. It tells a story of pain and suffering, yet a story of no regret. The style is consistent with poems written before. I love listening to Garth Brooks and chose this song because it is my favorite. It is my favorite song because of the meaning and symbolism behind it. If you could miss the pain, would you miss the dance?

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