The Day A Meteor Hits The Earth

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The Day A Meteor Hits The Earth

65 million old ages ago, something hit the Earth. Something large. The location Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. When it hit, the Earth was left in utmost desolation. Literally dozenss of stone and dust were blasted high into the ambiance barricading out the Sun & # 8217 ; s beams. Harmonizing to NASA scientists, works and carnal life were virtually wiped out because the Earth went into a planetary freezing. Except for the occasional run of lighting, the sky was every bit black as decease. Ramping wild fires spread uncontrollably through grasslands and woods. By the terminal, 90 % yes 90 % of the universes biomass was burned and two tierces of the universes species was killed off. The one time booming Earth now was a bare barren. As you have likely guessed, a meteor was responsible for all of this. When it hit, the meteor formed a crater 186 stat mis broad. This stone, 6 to 12 stat mis in diameter, has been linked to the extinction of dinosaurs. Now, the inquiry comes up, will this go on to us? I am here to turn out to you that it is non a affair of if this will go on, but when.

In the United States, there is a crater that in located in cardinal Arizona. 50,000 old ages ago a meteor struck this site. It created a crater 300 pess deep and a little less so one stat mi across. NASA scientists determined the meteor was no longer than 100 pess in diameter.

In a more recent event, a immense explosion flattened an country equal to the size of Rhode Island. The twelvemonth was 1908 in a distant location in Serbia called Tunguska. NASA scientists have said the detonation was even stronger so the combined atomic arms dropped on Japan in World War II. In many states in Western Europe, an unusual orange freshness was seen in the late dark sky. The country was so distant that scientists did non make it for 19 old ages. When they eventually reached the site they could non happen a crater. The lone mark that something really happened was the utmost desolation of the deeply forested country. This was considered an unresolved enigma for many old ages but now computing machine simulations have proven the cause. A meteorite about 200 pess in diameter exploded in midair about 4 stat mis above the surface of the Earth.

& gt ; In July of 1994, the comet Shoemaker Levy 9 was about to hit the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. As the comet neared the planet, Jupiter s strong gravitative field broke the comet into 21 pieces that were all less than a stat mi in diameter. Harmonizing to Carolyn Shoemaker ( the inventor ) , after the broken up Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter, the surface of the planet were 25,000 times larger so the impacting organic structures. Not to advert some of these craters were bigger than the diameter of the Earth!

Here are merely some statistics for you to believe about. A meteor about the size of the 1 that hit Tunguska will strike the Earth an norm of 1 every 100 old ages. A meteor the size and type that caused the Arizona crater will hit us every 50 to 75 thousand old ages. A meteor comparable to the 1 that purportedly wiped out the dinosaurs will happen one time every million old ages.

So, what precisely would go on if a meteor hit the Earth? Well, it would surely bring mayhem on the universe and cause utmost harm. Blast moving ridges, temblors, tidal moving ridges, fires and breaks in atmospheric and conditions forms are merely some. Billions of people would lose their lives. It is non a pretty image. It would be the terminal of the universe as we know it.

All of this has likely gotten you a small spot disquieted. Don t worry many scientists have come up with possible ways to halt a meteor from hitting us in the hereafter. Some are confident that if we mounted a thermonuclear device on a truly powerful projectile, we could take it at the asteroid and successfully zap it. But this program is flawed, for what if the asteroid broke into smaller pieces and made the job even worse? Still, another theory is to poke at the organic structure off class by utilizing mirrors, optical masers and explosives. This program has a better opportunity of working, but it still might travel incorrect. If we are determined to happen a perfect program, so we will. But this will take clip something we don Ts have excessively much of. What would go on if tomorrow you woke up and turned on the intelligence to happen out that a meteor was traveling to hit the Earth in 24 hours? What would you make? How would you manage it? Don t take mundane life for granted. If this killed off the dinosaurs, who do you believe is following?

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