The Day by Day6

7 July 2019

Meet Day6, a new Korean boy band. Although they’re under JYP Entertainment, a famous label, the six members really surprised some by producing, singing, and arranging this album themselves. From a catchy pop song about dancing under the moonlight to a soft rock song about what love is, you’ll be sure to enjoy every second.
“The Day” has six songs: “Freely Free,” a fun and upbeat tune; “Out Of My Mind,” a comforting melody about love; “Congratulations,” a track with a heavy chorus; “Habits,” another upbeat song with serious lyrics; “Like That Sun,” a serenade to a loved one; and “Colors,” a moody tune full of emotion. Though Day6 is actually a rock band, there are sprinkles of ballad, pop, R&B, and soul, making it youth-friendly and fun.
Unlike many American pop songs, the Korean lyrics actually have meaning. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can hear the emotion in the singers’ voices. In “Congratulations” they sing of finding out an ex-lover has already moved on. The lyrics “Congratulations, you’re so amazing/Congratulations, how could you be so fine?” are understood through the feelings in the music.
Day6 put a lot of effort into creating this album, and it is surprisingly well done for rookies in the Korean music industry. “The Day” seems like it was made by professionals. I predict that soon Day6 will be popular in Korea as well as worldwide.
Released in September, this album has sold over 7,000 copies and peaked at #2 on U.S. World charts and #6 on Korean charts. The single “Congratulations” has sold over 35,000 copies. Even if you’re not a fan of Korean music, Day6 passionately encompasses first love, break-ups, and shining true love, making “The Day” an album you must hear

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