The Day I Lost My Mother

I woke to the vibrations of my cell phone on the table next to where I was sleeping. I look at the front screen and it said Chad Coffen. I answered with a early morning almost yawing “Hello.” Chad Replies, “Patrick something has gone wrong at your mom’s triathlon I’m coming to pick you up, ill be there in 2 minutes.” He hung up the phone, and I still didn’t really understand what was happening, but I put on some cloths and waited on the front step of my porch will Chad arrived in my driveway. I hoped on the car and we head to Winneconne to the triathlon. We were heading down highway 45 when we see the red and white lights from the ambulance heading in the opposite direction. We pull into one of the do not turn lanes on the highway and follow the ambulance all the way to the hospital. I am still unaware about what is going on. When I walk in to the front door at the Oshkosh Aurora emergency center, I ran to the front desk because I wanted to find out what was happening. I was the only one from my family there because my dad was in Green Bay at a fishing tournament and my brother was at a baseball game, so I had to answer all these Questions about my mother before I could talk to the doctor. Then after 10 minutes of that my friend some of my mothers friends and my friend Chad had to sit in this little red room, and wait for the doctor. We sat in silence waiting for the door to open. Then finally after what felt like hours of waiting the door slid. The doctor walked in and sat next to me and softly said, “Your mother’s heart stopped beating and we can’t get it to start again, but we didn’t give up trying.” I started to cry after hearing those words. I finally found out what had happened. So we sat in that little red room waiting again and everyone in there was trying to keep me calm. Then the doctor walked back in the room with a box of Kleenex, and he didn’t have to say anything we all knew that that meant. I pick up the chair and through it at the wall as hard as I could out of peer anger from what just happened to me. On my wait out the door the doctor caught me. I was stuck in the little run that I found out I had just lost my mother, the one person that has always been there from me. I feel on the ground it tears. Then I looked up and saw my dad and my brother walking in the front door. They were both crying because they knew what happened. And I knew I had to get my self together from them. We stayed at the hospital for 2 hours then I left to my grandmother’s house. Since this day everything has slowly gotten easier, and life goes on.

My mother always motivated me through school and sports, and now that’s she gone I feel like if I don’t continue to perform well in school and on the baseball field I would be letting her and my self down. I received an academic reward my junior year and I haven’t felt that close to my mom since the last day I spent with her. Its hard to keep moving on without her but I feel more motivated with her gone then I did when she was here.

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