The Day The Devil Struck Heaven Essay

8 August 2017

, Research Paper

The Day The Devil Struck HeavenIt was a skittish dark. The shutters slammed, the Lightning cracked, everything was awful. Satin had risen from the dead for the concluding show down to seek to interrupt the pearly Gatess of Eden that stop him from raising every angel. Satin and his crew of Devil & # 8217 ; s began their fly through the sky towards heaven to occupy Eden. In Eden, God was in supplication and all of the angel & # 8217 ; s were fixing for Christmas. All through the Eden & # 8217 ; s, non one Angel was found non working at all. God felt that Satin had come for another onslaught, and knew all about it, he was prepared. Satin strategically placed the warlords and ready for the foray. They held axe and lance, holding every purpose to destruct all the angels of the Heaven & # 8217 ; s. The warrior & # 8217 ; s had a mass meeting and got fire in their beastly liquors ready to contend to the decease.

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God was in a deep supplication and the angels thought something was incorrect. They asked God, and God said to travel throughout the land and state all that the Devil is about to assail. The angel & # 8217 ; s went and rose as many psyches as they could, while God sought the hereafter. He new that is traveling to go on, and he wasn & # 8217 ; t certain when. God had all the angel & # 8217 ; s travel into the liquors of everyone and have so bow and pray in soundless supplication. Christmas Eve was upon them and Christ was traveling to hold his birthday, but the Devil and his fast ones to kill all of the angels would shortly botch it. What the Satan didn & # 8217 ; T

know was that it was impossible to kill an angel, for an angel couldn’t kill a Satan. An angel would reassure the devil’s aggressors and so would turn them from dark to visible radiation. No other animals had this power but the pure angel’s, and Christ.

Jesus was the Right manus of God, the Godhead warrior. He was killed for others, and so made others see God. He could be anyplace at anytime in any location with anyone. Merely 2 angel & # 8217 ; s had the power to turn Satin back to God, and would maintain him as an angel. God would watch and when the full Warrior s of Satin were turned to the visible radiation, Christ would come down and turn the Satan into an angel. The warrior & # 8217 ; s attacked in a full breach and the angels were ready. One by one, the warriors were turned into angels, and flown earlier God to be given the cognition and the power it took to be an angel. Casualties for the Devil were about to a maximal and no angel was hurt. Then the Satan saw that he couldn & # 8217 ; t win, so he raised his fist in torment, smashed it into the land, and turned to lapidate. Christ revealed the three to the Devil, so fed him the Holy sacrament and made him an angel. That is what happens when you try to win against God. God would ne’er worry about anyone once more. Still some warrior & # 8217 ; s were lost in the hayfields of snake pit, but Christ went back to Earth, preached, and died for our wickednesss. But this clip died from natural decease, salvaging the universe from wickedness, so that none would transgress no more.The End

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