Two gleaming beacons of economy shining a beam f light through their middle, illuminating the Hudson River as they shimmered on its surface. All seemed normal. I looked out over the azure skyline at the top of the building and watched the world flow by. Suddenly, all changed as an aeroplane zoomed past at an unthinkably close position to my transparent glass viewing box. I began to feel nervous and anxious as that was close, too close. In the blink of an eye I heard a thunderous shattering sound below my feet and realised the seriousness of the living hell I was unknowingly a recipient of.

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The hatred and sadness penetrating hrough my veins was indescribable. The malevolence of this brutal attack just would not sink in as the towers erupted into a volcano of destruction as the plane launched itself into the heart of the citys biggest structure. The indestructible was being destructed. An explosion of debris zipped through the cloudy, smoked filled horizon. Panic twisted and turned through the metallic graveyard that was to be. An ocean of rubble and catastrophe met the citizens as they were incapable to do anything but look on in anguish as their hearts throbbed with emotional pain.

Wrong place, wrong ime was the only reason that those who perished did so. People leaped as though they wanted things to come to an end and I could not Imagine the terror that filled their souls. Making the decision to end your own life in a situation of such horror is a courageous and noble move and the realisation of death may be even more painful than death Itself. The chef of the building came to the decision to end his life; hurdling a sharp pane of glass, arms and legs flailing wildly due to human nature, trying to grab hold of a non-existent rope to save himself.

A somersault of sadness nd terror as he whirled through the air like a leaf caught in the breeze. The collective gasps of the many onlookers who stood helpless and unable to save the falling man.

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His white coat billowing behind him Ilke a parachute that had no chance of catching him. I prayed for my life as well as my colleagues as the emergency services arrived in their hundreds but deep down I knew I had no chance of survival. Mugs falling to their immediate sacrifice, tins of boiled sweets scatter through a playground of air and sheets of un-used paper tumble slowly past the exhibition of carnage.

Peoples eyes filled with distain as they knew their fate. People, safe people, watching on with hope, but no reality or certainty of anything. All that was left that day was a cemetery of lost, innocent souls, who undeservingly died at the hands of a disgraceful organization, A scrapyard of millions of shards of glass and unbendable bent metal, unbreakable broken computer hard drives and the scene of death that never should have been. All that stands there now is a monument of remembrance 1 OF2 people who did nothing wrong. Nothing is the same now, everything has changed.

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