”The Death of Ivan Illyich” by Leo Tolstoy Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Leo Tolstoy’sThe Death of Ivan Illyichis one of those short narratives that are capable of impacting the readers so much so that their position of life undergoes a drastic alteration. Everyone can place with the characters and the simple. limpid manner of narrative makes it a really effectual piece of fiction. Few other short narratives have this far making effects and effects on the manner the readers look at life.

The subject of the narrative is closely related to the fact that the narrative was written after Leo Tolstoy became profoundly spiritual and is a fictional vehicle for Tolstoy to propagate his spiritual beliefs and doctrine. The narrative confirms that the moral values of brotherly love. generousness and unselfishness are extremely of import if one wishes to take a fulfilling life. The subject of the narrative is hence the fact that if people wish to decease contented. they must recognize that following the right way in life is the lone solution. The values imbibed in childhood are frequently forgotten as adult male moves to adulthood ; this is what we must guard against if on the deathbed. we wish to look back at life satisfactorily.

The cardinal character and chief supporter is Ivan Illyich. He is the blue blood who leads his life harmonizing to what is expected of him in the high profile society. All major determinations of his life are taken merely because he wishes to keep his position and standing in the society. ( “Neither as a male child nor as a adult male was he a toady. but from early young person was by nature attracted to people of high station as a fly is drawn to the visible radiation. absorbing their ways and positions of life and set uping friendly dealingss with them”) His moral values are left far behind in his pursuit for the elusive sense of belonging to the high blue society. ( “…when subsequently on he saw that such actions were done by people of good place and that they did non see them as incorrect” ) He lives a shoal. disgruntled life and spends all his energies on geting mercenary ownerships that will assist him keep his position. Similarly. other major characters- his married woman Praskovya and Peter. besides are caught up in this web of philistinism. ( “She knew how much could be got out of the authorities in effect of her husband’s decease. but wanted to happen out whether she could non perchance pull out something more” ) They all lead an unreal life and there is no contentment in their lives because they have condemned all that they should keep beloved and embraced all that they should eschew.

On the other manus. the world of life is represented by the nurse Gerasim. Although hapless. Gerasim realizes what life should really intend. He entirely is capable of demoing humanist emotions of commiseration and compassion towards the ailment Ivan. Gerasim is besides the lone 1 who can come to footings with decease as a world of life and is therefore stoic in the calamity of Ivan’s decease (“It’sGod will. We shall all come to it some twenty-four hours. ”) . He shows Ivan the true significance of life with love for all. understanding for all and existent. solid. loving relationships. In his last yearss. Ivan learns through Gerasim the existent manner of taking life that would be fulfilling and that would do a adult male happy at bosom.

Even though Ivan learns to populate while gazing at decease. it is however a religious experience for him to recognize how incorrect he had been all his life. The hurting of his decease is lessened at the realisation that his moral values were ever present ; merely they had become hibernating in the heat of the universe. Merely as he is about to decease. Ivan realizes the true significance of life and therefore his last minute before decease is filled with a sense of satisfaction. fulfilment and therefore utmost joy.

Through Ivan we learn that the Oklahoman we realize the true significance of life. the happier we will be. It took Ivan an full life-time to larn to populate. His experiences are chronicled in this short narrative and are for everyone to read and larn.

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