The Death of Shadows by Algos

Algos(pronounced Al – Hose) is melodic death metal solo project from the Netherlands. Although it is melodic death metal, this man does incorporate some doom metal and progressive metal influences as well as he has influences even for Opeth, Swallow The Sun and Be’Lakor. The man’s popularity is a bit of abysmal but maybe through this, I would introduce some of you guys to a new and interesting band.
The Death of Shadows has a specialty for long tracks, but with those long tracks, much can happen and most of the time, that is the case. The album is twelve tracks and sixty-six minutes in length so it’s gonna be s bit of a stretch, bit it will be worth it in the end. The album’s comination of melodic death metal and doom helps present a really dark, gloomy and even sometimes spooky atmosphere to it. While it isn’t sluggishly paced like Swallow The Sun, you are still very well able to hear some doom elements. The drums are kind of speedy and chaotic at times with the blast beats and some quick drum fills and it can sometimes hinder a song, but it all depends on if it’s just blast beats or not and even then he may have had to be a bit careful. The guitars and bass both have a very black or death metal styled tremolo picking or strumming pattern to it which helps fit with atmosphere of the album and helps keep up with the drums a bit better too. There are of course some transitional tracks, two of them to be exact, and most of what they are is haunting piano chords sometimes looping a few times. It truly is a powerful combination of really beautiful and, as stated, really haunting. The vocals are of course are important too. Though no clean vocals exist in this album Jurre(I believe that’s his name) does have some different vocal styles under his belt. He has some borderline screams, black metal shrieks, death growls(of course), and some more melodic death metal-like vocals as well. As expected he switches between which ever one he feels is appropriate at the time of the song, and does it well too. Truly a great album in my opinion, if I were to point out a flaw one might have, it’s that some of the songs are a bit lengthy, but you’ll get used to long, epic tracks eventually so it’s not so bad.
I give this a 9.9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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