The Delights of Diversity

Throughout my years of academic schooling, I have immersed myself in both my academic and artistic studies. Throughout both middle and high school, I have explored my creative expression through dance, song, the playing musical instruments, and drama. Most significantly, ballet has consumed the majority of my time away from pursuing academics, because it has become my true passion. In addition, it has been a true pleasure to meet a variety of other artistic souls. Through my prolonged study of many mediums within the performing arts, I have had the wonderful opportunity to create life-lasting friendships with artists of all nationalities, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. These friendships have enhanced my love of the arts, because I truly feel that fellowship and friendship provide significant learning experiences that singular study cannot provide alone.

However, while I feel confident that I have met many fellow thespians, dancers, singers, and musicians thus far in my life, I hope to create new relationships with students who have passions outside the world of performing arts. In college, I hope to be able to form friendships with students who are as passionate about their own goals and interests as I am about my artistic studies. For example, I would relish the occasion to discuss a home football game with a player in hopes of playing for the NFL. Similarly, it would be fascinating to discuss new technological discoveries in stem-cell research with a biochemistry major. Sharing the glorious classicism of Swan Lake to a classmate who had never had the opportunity to enjoy ballet would be a joy for me.

It is my firm belief that peers with completely diverse interests can foster new interests for both themselves and others. Oftentimes, these newly stimulated comradeships create avenues to explore new ideas. Collaboration and teamwork are essential ingredients for success. In short, the opportunity to discuss and discover a diverse variety of topics with fellow classmates would truly give me a fully stimulating and intellectually-satisfying college experience.

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