The Desert Storm War Essay Research Paper

The Desert Storm War Essay, Research Paper

The Desert Storm War, like about all wars throughout history, did non

go on overnight. There were many events which led to the war. It could

easy be seen that a struggle would originate in the Middle East. The mark of war

were apparent.

On July 17, 1990, Saddam Hussein accused Kuwait of oil

overrun and larceny of oil from the Rumailia Oil Field. This was the first

mark of a future struggle. One hebdomad subsequently, April Glaspie, US Ambassador to

Iraq, tells Hussein that the Iraq/Kuwait difference is an Arab affair and it does

non impact the United States. This was a bad move. It was like stating Hussein

that he could make anything he wanted. By August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded

Kuwait, which was what forced the United States to come in into the personal businesss of

the Middle East. President George Bush decides to stop dead Iraqi and Kuwaiti

assets. Soon, the United Nations demands that Hussien should retreat.

Although was has non yet been declared, it is obvious that military actions

will hold to be taken.

On August 7, 1990, Secretary of Defense Cheny goes to Saudi Arabia.

The 82nd Airborne and several combatant squadrons are besides sent. This was the

beginning of the long military physique up. The undermentioned twenty-four hours, Iraq decides to

annex Kuwait. The UN declares the appropriation shut-in. The United States

attempts to counter Iraq by denoting the interdiction plan of Iraqi transportation.

In add-on to this, President Bush authorizes the call for modesty US troops to

enter the Middle East. American military forces begins to swell in the

country. On August 25, the UN authorizes military action. Iraq counteracts by

ramping several diplomatic missions in Kuwait City. President Bush so

orders extra military units to the Middle East to give an & # 8220 ; violative

option & # 8221 ; to American forces. This was the physique up phase for the Desert Storm


On November 20, 1990, 45 Democrats file a suit in Washington to

hold President Bush seek Congressional blessing of military operations. This

suit was finally thrown out. President Bush so seeks public blessing by

sing the military personnels stationed in the Middle East. This was non planned to

alteration any military personal businesss, but it helped to ease tensenesss in the United States.

A hebdomad subsequently, the UN Security Council decides to authorise force

if Iraq does

non retreat from Kuwait by midnight, eastern criterion clip, January 15,

1991. Tensions in the Middle East are at an all clip high. The war may get down

at any minute.

On January 12, 1991, a ballot was taken in Congress to let US military personnels

to be used in violative operations. Three yearss subsequently, a deadline is set by the

UN Resolution 678 for Iraq to retreat. On January 16, the first United states

authorities statement of Operation Desert-Storm is made. US military planes so

onslaught Baghdad, Kuwait, and other military marks in the Iraq country. The war

has begun.

On January 17, 1991, Iraq launches it & # 8217 ; s first SCUD missiles. US forces

are still constructing while this is go oning. US forces in the Middle East exceed

500,000 by January 30. On February 6, Jordan King Hussein lashes out

against the American barrages and supports Iraq. The American barrages, nevertheless, continue. On one mission, US bombers destruct a

sand trap composite in Baghdad with several hundred citizens indoors. The decease

toll is about 300. President Bush so issues an ultimatum to Iraq. If Iraqi

forces do non retreat from Kuwait by February 23, American land forces

will travel in. Iraq fails to follow, and the land war begins. Although high

casualties were expected high during the land run, they are

overly low. Many Iraqi forces resignation. The decease rate among

American military personal is really lower during this run so it

by and large is during peace clip.

By February 26, 1991, Kuwaiti opposition leaders declare that they are

in control of Kuwait City. Iraqi forces have been defeated. President Bush

orders a cease fire effectual at midnight Kuwaiti clip, February 27. On March

3, Iraqi leaders officially accept the cease fire footings. The war is over. POW

get down to be released. By March 8, the first US combat forces begin to return


This was the Desert Storm War. Like most wars, its beginning was

unobserved until the first military action was taken. Unlike most wars, nevertheless,

the casualties among military forces were drastically light. Although the

war did non last really long, it had a great impact on the Middle East. Kuwait

was put into shambles during the war. With fiscal assistance, Kuwait would one time

once more get down bring forthing oil. The immoralities which start wars were one time once more


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