The Desire of Ages

4 April 2017

The Desire of Ages Ellen G. White Biography Ellen White, born Ellen Harmon to Robert and Eunice Harmon, was born November 26, 1827 in Gorham, Maine. When she was very young she and her parents moved to Portland, Maine. At age ten Ellen was struck by a stone that put her in a coma for three weeks. She recovered and her mother believed it was for a divine purpose. For the next six years Ellen fought to return to normal health. During the evangelistic campaign of William Miller in 1840 Ellen believed in Christ’s return in October 1844. Disappointed by her unfulfilled expectation she held a prayer meeting with four women in December.

She then had a vision of being taken to heaven and realized that Christ could not return unless the great commission was fulfilled. On August 30 Ellen married James White. He became ill in 1864, but his wife nursed him back to health. This turned her thoughts to health reform and the Western Health Reform Institute was founded. Her husband died in 1881 and Ellen traveled around to churches and conferences all around the world. During her life she wrote more than 5,000 articles and 40 books. She is considered one of the founders of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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