The influx of tourism worldwide has prompted commercial airports to resort to the establishment of retail stores and food courts inside their place. This business strategy has gained success as a result of the patronage of the people. There is an easy target market of consumers within the airport which prompted businessmen to put up food courts and retail stores within.

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The development of these virtual malls and giving them much attention means that these stores are profitable. The businessmen and top executives of these airports would not give importance to these stores if there was no profit being obtained from them. These stores are also considered as an incentive for travelers to consider going to such destination because a nice and advanced airport would bring positive feedbacks for their country.

The airport is the first place which a tourist or traveler sees upon landing thus, there is a need to make sure that the place is equipped with the needs of the consumer. (Wells, Alexander T. and Young, Seth B. PhD. Airport Planning and Management. Fifth Edition.)

There is a great need to put up food courts within the airport due to unforeseeable circumstances of flight delays or flight cancellations. The client of the airport would be inconvenienced if there would be a need to go out of the airport just to buy food in the event of flight delays. People also patronize the goods being sold in these stores because these are normally cheaper. There is also a target market composed of people who do not have the luxury of time to do their shopping while on a business trip, thus, the airport provides an opportunity for them to shop while waiting for a flight or upon arrival thereof.

This would allow them to have a taste of what items the country has without having to go out of the comforts of the airport. These are the reasons why commercial airports give so much attention and importance to the development thereof.

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