The Difference Between High School And College

9 September 2017

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Most pupils who are about to graduate from high school frequently wonder what college is like. When they eventually reach college, most of them realize that there are some major differences between their college lives and their old high school lives.

First of all, in college, you pick your categories harmonizing to what you want to major in. In high school, you can pick your elected categories, but most of the categories are already picked out for you as portion of the course of study. You can take as many categories as you want in college. Rather than holding an eight-period twenty-four hours for four old ages, you can take to gain your grade in every bit small clip as possible.

In high school, the clip of your categories are picked out for you, one category is right after the other. In college, you can pick the yearss and the times you want to take each category, this manner it? s easier for you to set up a work agenda that won? T interfere with school. If you would instead work in the forenoon and take categories in the eventide, it is possible.

Some of the other things that are different are the regulations. In high school, you have to travel to category or else you will be written up for a cut. College doesn? Ts have cuts. When you are at that place, they treat you like you are an grownup. The decision makers figure that you are merely aching yourself if you choose non to travel to category. You still have to pay them even if you do non travel, so why should the school attention if you go or non. Basically

, they leave the duty up to you, so if you fail to win, it is your job.

Furthermore, college pupils can non remain back, as they can in high school. In college you merely take the categories required for your major until you pass them all. But, in all colleges, you are put you on academic probation if you start to acquire bad classs. This means that if you do non better your classs by the following semester, you will be expelled. A job like this occurs to pupils who attend some of the more advanced schools.

The concluding difference I noticed between high school and college was the manner the pupils lived. Students in high school normally live at place with their parents. They come place from school and travel out with their friends or catch up on some prep until it is clip to travel to bed. In college, if you choose to, you can populate on campus with friends. This is where most parties take topographic point on any twenty-four hours of the hebdomad, but it is besides where pupils are expected to make their work. College is besides a topographic point where pupils can see what is it like to populate on their ain and to take duty for their ain actions.

Thinking of all the differences between high school and college I realize that they truly have nil much in common. Besides the fact that they are both signifiers of instruction, they have wholly different environments ; high school prepares you for the difficult work in front in college, and college prepares you for new challenges as an grownup.

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