The Difference Between Men and Women

10 October 2016

All of us know that. In view of the obvious, they differ physically of course. But men and women differ in other different things as well. The way both sexes think are diversely different, the way both sexes handle things and issues are also differently. These are the few things that clearly set apart the male from the female. Many do not realized that both sexes listen to things differently as well. Listening is a huge part of life.

Listening helps us to understand, learn various things, and also helps us grow as individuals. All have the ability and the capability to listen, but are all information received and interpreted the same? Not the same to be certain. ‘ Men are more likely to be action-oriented listeners, which mean they focus on listening to information pertinent to the task at hand. Action-oriented listeners have little patience for speakers who ramble off topic or include unnecessary details. Women are more likely to be people-oriented listeners.

They connect with emotional messages and also the undertone of a conversation and are more concerned with the occurrence of the conversation than the outcome. (Black)’ Due to the fact that men are more of the problem solving nature, they are more interested in listening to problems and solving them. For example, a friend confides to his male friend about a financial crisis involving his family. The male friend will most likely put more thought into helping and coming out with a solution to solve the financial problems rather than the emotional toll that has been put upon the family.

Using the same example, the women, due to her emotional relation towards to people will be more concern with the emotional well being of the family. In an organization or in a leadership position, this theory applies as well. ‘ Women tend to be more relationship oriented and accomplish task by building relationships first. They tend to know who to ask and are comfortable asking others to get things done. Men tend to be more task-oriented and attend straight to the task at hand. They build their relationships when they are in the task. (Lieberman). ’ Women in terms of eadership and the corporate world get things done slower, but they tend to have a more close knitted team of friends while men get things done faster in the expanse of their relationship with their peers. The differences of men and women are vast, and it can be very difficult at times when there is no understanding and tolerance. Thus, it is really important for the men to understand the women and vice versa.

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