The Difference Between Right and Wrong

4 April 2015
A paper discussing society’s ability to discern between right and wrong.

A discussion of the difference between right and wrong and whether society knows how to discern between the two. The author discusses the case of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson who abducted and killed a two year old boy as well as various cases and scenarios to explain the debate.
In February 1993, in Liverpool, England, two ten year old boys abducted two year old James Bulger and murdered him. In a case which shocked the whole country, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were found guilty of murder, and were sentenced to imprisonment, at the age of ten. Since then, there has been numerous moral and ethical arguments put forward, contesting the justifiability of their sentence. The trial of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson was held before an adult jury. Witnesses were called, including Irene Slack, the headmistress of the school where the boys attended. In her evidence she said that from the age children enter school, they have a sense of right and wrong.
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