The Difference between Working Alone and Working in Teams

5 May 2017

Working alone without influence, think for yourself, carry all the responsibility of the task with you , not depend on others and act the way you want is really simple and gives a feeling of total independence. Working in teams, already demands another position, others requirements and the concept of the individual is replaced by the collective, something which becomes more complex even being with people born in the same country, within the same culture and who speak the same language, based on the principle that every individual is different consequently with their own houghts, personality, despite having the same cultural origin.

What about working with people who are born in another country, or even on another continent and were created with other customs, other traditions, another life and another mentality ? How to reach a conclusion and do a good Job? Is it possible? Those doubts are common. The first impression on thinking about working with people that have literally nothing like you and your creation might seem rather impossible and even generate prejudice (that was my impression before performing the activity).

The Difference between Working Alone and Working in Teams Essay Example

Assuming that the basic element for teamwork is communication and if it is different from yours, it can scare! Reach a conclusion in spite of all the differences is possible when we assume that nobody is born with customs, traditions, lifestyles, but these are learned throughout life and if isn’t a gift so anyone can learn, adapt, or at least accept. We live in a dynamic world where globalization becomes increasingly present (regardless of the sector that you act) where it is increasingly required that we have an open mind, ree from bias and open to the new, different and unusual.

I could see that the experience of working in teams with different cultures requires the same things that all team work by itself already requires: sympathy, the cultivation of relationships, respect for diversity, understanding, calmness, loyalty and commitment; but the result is more complete than a team with people of similar backgrounds, because besides the feeling of a challenge overcome, intellectual growth with the new cultural nowledge acquired, disruption of fear and prejudice, a broadening of horizons , the desire to immerse in new cultures be awakened ,working in teams with different cultures gives a sense of being a world citizen .

In conclusion, when different cultures are crossed, on the one hand we realize that despite the challenge is too great (or seem too great) the understanding is possible and a good work can be accomplished, if everyone on the team is willing to do their best of course. On the other hand it also generates a reflection that in reality ll these people from different cultures are equal which people that we’re used to relate everyday in our country, with their foibles, their sorrows, their Joys, victories, defeats, victories. For me it was an extremely rewarding experience working with other cultures and is something that will be added to my personal baggage, which I could clearly see that there are no impediments when we want to achieve a goal and there are no barriers that prevent us from going further when we have a goal.

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